220px-MMPR Lokar
Lokar is one of the main villains of Power Rangers Legacy Force who has fought against the mighty morphing rangers and bestowed powers on many other villains.

He is the leading general of Grieshor.


The Great Battle

Lokar appeared in the great battle just as Dai Shi was defeated and destroyed the Animal Spirits and Wildzords with a single blast of dark energy. He made a deal with Rita, granting her power to grow her monsters at the cost of her humanity. He then retreated to his Fortress of Darkness to plan his victory. Zordon led a final assault and managed to defeat Lokar's battle form with the Power Cannon.

Temporary return to Earth

Lokar was summoned by Rita in a plot to destroy the power rangers. He was defeated by the Ultrazord due to not being at full power.


Lokar was revived fully by Centurius and used Centurius's soul to power up his Dark Dinozords. Lokar then became the arch enemy of the Legacy Rangers.

Powers and Abilities

Dark Magic

Lokar is very skilled in the ways of Dark Magic. He can use it to create Zords, Drain out souls and bestow power on others. He can also use it to create black crystals to use in attacks.


Lokar's primary form is that of a giant head with spiky hair. However, He can also transform into a more powerful battle mode resembling Lord Zedd.