Monstar Ultrazord
Megazords All Monstarzords
Series Power Rangers: Monstar

M.S. Ultrazord (also known Monstar Ultrazord) is the final combination of all Monstarzords. This Ultrazord are contained and similarity of DriveMax Ultrazord (different looks), Hurricane Megazord (using similar finisher) and RPM Ultrazord (same pose).


Samuel explained the Phoenix Monstarzord combined with all of the Monstarzords and formed powerful form. Dillain completely finished the powerful form.

The Monstar Ultrazord used the Bat Monstarzord's head as the gauntlet to fire the enemies. Whatever used the Titanium Sword, it can slicing the enemies and goes into two pieces. The Ultrazord using it's finisher called Barriage Slash Strike to blast the enemies


  • The Ultrazord is also the King Of The Monstarzord called by Dillain. But, only true form was Mastrozord.
  • According to Dillain, The Monstar Ultrazord and Mastrozord combine into true form of the Ultrazord Formation.

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