Gender: Male
Season(s): Power Rangers: Forever Furious
Colors: Blue
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: {{{firstepisode}}}
Last Appearance: {{{lastepisode}}}
Number of Episode
Wf blue

Marcus is the Blue Ranger and second member of the Forever Furious Rangers.


Born February 24, 1994, he had almost zero knowledge of martial arts. His mother and father died when he was very little, so he was passed on to his aunt, whom cared for him. Unlike Angelo and Ai, he did not enroll in any martial arts class and originally held no interest in being a Power Ranger. However, after defeating a monster, he was encouraged and decided to continue on his position. The only one who knew about his Power Ranger secret was his aunt, whom caught him transforming. She then gave him her lucky handkerchief and told him to "git out there and fight". After bonding heavily with his new friends, he began to call them his "brother" and "sister". This was probably due to the fact that he had no siblings. The Master had chosen him because of his respectful attitude and redeeming qualities. He harnessed the power of the shark and can use Water Strike to damage enemies.

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