Mechstream Megazord
Number of Zords 7
Zords Red Bike Zord, Orange Tank Zord, Yellow Speedboat Zord, Green Race Car Zord, Blue Boat Zord, Purple Jet Zord, Pink and White Shuttle Zord
Series Power Rangers Throttle

Mechstream Megazord is the combination of all seven Zords. Red Bike Zord stays in torso form, Orange Tank Zord forms feet, Yellow Speedboat forms right arm and drill hand, Green Race Car Zord stays in waist and thighs, Blue Boat Zord forms top of feet and stays in legs, Purple Jet Zord forms the left arm, and Pink and White Shuttle Zord forms Wings, backpack and helmet. However, they can fight stronger enemies and monsters. Their attacks are "Drill Strike", "Tank Kick", "Knuckle Punch" and "Assault destroyer".