Mike Estes plays the character of Michael Collins Sr., who is one of the greatest rangers ever. He has been the following Rangers:

Chrononlogical order:

Power Squad: Bronze Ranger (Michael Estes)

Power Rangers X: Red X Ranger (leader)

Power Rangers Zodiac Force: Blue Ranger

Power Rangers Element Storm: Red Element Ranger (leader)

Power Rangers Galactic Police Force: Black Ranger (leader, finally retires)

Power Rangers Savior Force: White Angel Ranger (19 episodes, replaced by Timmy Collins)

He also has a son, Michael Collins Jr., who has been the following rangers:

Power Rangers Striker Force: Titanium Ranger (Michael Collins Jr.)

Power Rangers Striker Force: Striker Knight (Michael Collins Jr., sensai replaced Master Zyon)

Power Rangers Savior Force: Red Savior Ranger (Micah Collins, father is White Ranger)

Power Ranger: Crimson/Red Ranger (Jeffrey Collins, replaced by son Jeffrey Jr.)

Power Rangers: Drive Force: Red Ranger (leader, Louis Collins)

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