Miss Parasitism is the villainess in Power Rangers: Vehicle Squad. She was the hybrid of a Spider and a Wasp with two legs and four arms with red eyes. Her body consists yellow and black wasp tail and wings and spider fangs. She use to work for Hades along with Senator, Chaos Knight and Chameleonster. Miss Parasitism decides to seeks the Rangers to confront sometimes she summons foot soldiers, but when the Rangers fight Miss Parasitism sometimes in the battle. She has ability to fly and dive down to attack the Rangers. In fact, she fails to defeat the Rangers and getting the punishment from Hades sometimes. She eventually helps MissThorns to attack the Pink Ranger. Unfortunately, Miss Parasitism mourns MissThorns' defeat and she can help Senator to destroy the Rangers sometimes. Miss Parasitism finds the dark orb to bring it to Hades that way she can give it to him work on the Terror Zords. Miss Parasitism makes her minion monster "Beetlelance" to destroy the Rangers in a attempt. After Beetlelance is destroyed, Miss Parasitism shouts to the Rangers "You did this to my dear pawn!" and she escapes. Miss Parasitism cries after her minions' death.

In the episode "Say your prayers, Miss Parasitism" Miss Parasitism pilots the Vampire Megazord to destroy the Rangers, but Vampire Megazord was destroyed by Override, BMW, Construction, and Velocity Megazords. She survived and she actually battles the Rangers all by herself with angry emotion. She angrily attacks them with her venom sting. She was beaten by Jade, Katrina, Rachel and Sophia including Jacob, Randal, Richard, Dale, Todd and Warren slashing her and Claire attacks her weak point as well. BMW Ranger rips her antenna off and she screams. She has last words before she scream and dies. Jade beat her with her Air Daggers, Katrina fire her Heli Blaster at her and Rachel and Sophia gives Miss Parasitism a final blow. Miss Parasitism says "No! Hades! Save me!" She screams and explode.


  • Spider Head
  • Wasp Antenna
  • Black Spider body (stomach)
  • Yellow and Black Wasp Tail with sting on her butt
  • Red Eyes (four)
  • Two Wasp legs
  • Wasp Wings
  • Four arms (Two Spider lower arm and Wasp upper arm)
  • Corrupted insect
  • She was female half spider, half wasp

Psychological Description

  • Beautiful, impatient and eager
  • Paranoid

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