Musha Sentai ChoRenger
Number ?
Number of episodes: ?
First episode: ?
Last episode: ?
Intro: Musha Sentai ChoRenger/Theme Song
Adapted from: ?
Original airing: ?
Author: Gokaisilver19
Production Order

Musha Sentai ChoRenger (Translated as "Warrior Squadron Super Ranger") is a sentai series created by GokaiSilver19


Centuries ago, three warriors defended Japan under the title of ChoRenger, and after successfully defeating there enemies, the Ran-Myaku Clan, they seal away there powers.

years later, when the Ran-Myaku return, the ChoRenger powers revive and find new warriors to take on the name of ChoRenger. Once the three meet up, they know that they are the only ones that can take on the Ran-Myaku.

Later, two other ChoRengers, known as the Ground Brothers appear and team up with the main three, as well as the most powerful ChoRenger: Golden Warrior Max Light.



  • Daisuke Tei/ChoRed
  • Hino Miza/ChoBlue
  • Rina Rikku/ChoYellow
  • Saizo Daichi/Black Grounder
  • Tenzou Daichi/Green Grounder
  • Uzu Ranpo/Golden Warrior Max Light


  • Mika Tei
  • Dr. Miza
  • Ian Smith
  • Cho-King


  • Shadow Lord Dosei-Oh
  • Wild Queen D'Manda
  • Dark Assasin Q
  • Raijahs
    • Mantis Raijah
    • Shark Raijah
    • Bat Raijah
    • Oct Raijah
    • Chameleon Raijah
    • Ramhorn Raijah

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