Naomi Sakura
Pink World Force Ranger
Gender: Female
Season(s): Power Rangers: World Force
Colors: Pink
Homeworld: Earth
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Pink World Force Ranger
Naomi is the pink ranger and second-in-command on Power Rangers: World Force. She is from Japan, and her power is invisibility.


Naomi is of Japanese ethnicity, and she has brown eyes and semi-light skin. She used to have black hair, but she bleached it so it is bleach color. She is slender, but her upper body is strong. She is considered social, friendly, and a little overprotective of her belongings.


Naomi's dad was American and mother was Japanese. Until she was five, she lived in america, but her father had business work in Japan, for he owned an advertising company. She lived in the city of Ashiya, Osaka and went to a private school, and a private fighting academy. She was told she was destined to be a Power Ranger at age 10, then she trained extra hard with katanas and knew karate and other Japanese fighting styles. She is unusually protective of her items, and she loves to sing pop songs.

Ranger Powers

Naomi's main weapon is twin katanas. She is very skilled at using them. Also she knows how to use a variety of weapons. Her power is invisibility, so she can invisibleize herself and other things and people.

Name: Naomi Khleo Sakura

Age: 17

Gender: F

Home city: Ashiya, Osaka, Japan

Weapon: Katanas and Karate

Skills: Katanas, invisiblity, and flexibility

Weaknesses: Overprotectiveness and isn't good at long ranged attacking

Ranger color: Pink. Symbol: Upside-down heart


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