Nathan Ross is the Green Oceanic Ranger from Power Rangers: Ocean Charge. He is one of the five Oceanic Rangers. In the series, Nathan is the strongest of the team. He is also the captain/quarterback of the SCH's Hammerheads. He has a thing with Zoey, but he soon gets competitive when one of his old friends, Jake hits on her.

(Nathan is portrayed by TBA)


  • He controls the Terra Axe
  • Has a Wave Racer and Wave Flyer


He controls the Seaturtle zord.

Pearl of Power

He is the chosen holder of the Pearl of Strength along with the other five pearls give him and the others the Trench Armor.


Power Rangers: Ocean Charge

All 42 episodes

Power Rangers: Ocean Charge - The Movie

Set a year after Ocean Charge series and before the upcoming events of the movie, Nathan has a central role in the film. He falls for a stranger, who unbeknownst to him and his friends, hold a power that draws not new threats.

Power Rangers: Spy Ops

  • Loosing Earth, part 1
  • Loosing Earth, part 2

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