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Nova: A Power Rangers Movie is a feature length movie set in the set in the Blade Series Universe. It serves as a bridge between Power Rangers Rainbow Force and Power Rangers Nova.


After the defeat of Typhoeus and the closure of the Parallel World Dimension Gate. Omega too went into slumber until he would be needed again. The Rangers lost their original powers which were damaged and in need of repair. Zordon revealed himself and bestowed five previous rangers with new powers, while guaranteering the other three with pernament association in the Command Centre.


Amerthyst Maisy Chen ► White Tiger Cameron Worrall
Cobalt Noah LaMont ► VermillionPhoenix Connor Piraino
Sapphire/Dragon Stuart Worrall  Black Tortoise Noah LaMont
Emerald Jacob Sugita ► Azure Dragon Jacob Sugita
Topaz Emily Piraino  Yellow Qillin Maisy Chen
Amber Amelia Chen 
Ruby/Titan Cameron Worrall ►
Quartz Connor Piraino ►


  • Zordon- An old powerful sage from Eltar; Mentor and creator of the Power Rangers.
  • Alpha 9- Robot assistant of Zordon.


House of Magnalympias

  • King Iapetus: The younger brother of the infamous emperor, claims kingship of the Moon
    • Queen Theia: the wife of Iapetus
      • Prince Porphyrion: Iapetus' Son

Polypheme - Iapetus' greatest champion. Known as "The Iron that Bites".

Iron Spawn - The main unit of body of foot soldier in the Orthys Empire

  • Foot Infantry - Lesser Troops of King Iapetus
  • Foot Brutes - Lesser Troop Commanders of King Iapetus


Crystal Zords

Legend:◆ pilot zord, ❖ aux zord,➲ carrier zord

  • Crystal Rainbow Megazord
    • Primus Megazord
      • Ruby Carbuncle Zord
      • Saphire Pegasus Zord
      • Emerald Tortoise Zord
    • Secondar Megazord:
      • Topaz Tiger Zord:
      • Amber Mammoth Zord:
      • Cobalt Eagle Zord:
      • Amerthyst Wildcat Zord:
  • Mega Crystal Dragonzord:
    • Dragonzord:
  • Crystal Titan Megazord:
    • Titan Battlezord Mode:
  • Quartz-Rex Megazord Mode.
    • Quartz-Rex Zord Mode:
  • Syenite Dragon Megazord.
    • Syenite Dragon Zord:
  • Alternative Combination: Titan Megazord Mode
    • w/ Saphire Power:
    • w/ Emerald Power:
    • w/ Topaz Power:
    • w/ Amber Power:
    • w/ Amerthyst Power:
    • w/ Cobalt Power:

Nova Zords

Legend:◆ pilot zord

  • Astraeus Megazord
    • White Tiger Zord
    • Red Phoenix Zord
    • Black Tortoise Zord
    • Blue Dragon Zord
    • Yellow Dragon Zord


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