Gender: Male
Ally Type Robotic Assistant
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Omega is the robotic assistant of the Conspiracy Ranger's mentor, Lord Zedd. He can assume a battle mode based on the Phantom Ranger to aid in battle.


Zedd created Omega to cheer him up after he left the Mystic Realm to experiment on Vril. Omega was created based on plans made by Alpha 6 for a combat-capable Alpha robot. Omega first assumed his Battle Mode to fight the Mothma monster that targeted bridges all over the country and defeated it using his superstrength to throw it into the ocean.


Normal Mode

Omega can link up to the computers of the Shadow Zords and control them in Normal mode. He can also command the Shadow Carrier as well.

Battle Mode

In Battle Mode, Omega is able to lift up to 1000 tons of weight and has a tonnage of 800 in his punches. He can also use jets on his feet to fly or run faster.

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