Planet Rangers
Planet Savior
Power Rangers Planet Savior
Led by: Jackson Rawlings
Battled: Starghost
Teamed up with: Treasure Hunter Rangers
and: Knight Rangers
Member teamed with: Knight Rangers
Production Order
Treasure Hunter Rangers
Knight Rangers
Chronological Order
Treasure Hunter Rangers
Knight Rangers

Planet Rangers was the protagonists in Power Rangers Planet Savior. Their mission is to protect Solar System and Milky Galaxy from the evil space alien Starghost, who has plan to take over the world by making it into wrong hands. Their mentor WizCat has hired them to fight the threat.


Ranger Designation Planet Power Character
Mars Planet Ranger Mars Jackson Rawlings
Neptune Planet Ranger Neptune Josh Roberts
Saturn Planet Ranger Saturn Owen Patterson
Uranus Planet Ranger Uranus Craig Bellmont
Venus Planet Ranger Venus Haley Gray
Pluto Planet Ranger Pluto Dark
Jupiter Planet Ranger Jupiter Vaughn Fredrick
Mercury Planet Ranger Mercury David Roberts
Sun Ranger Sun Zador
Moon Ranger Moon Lunorg


  • Planet Morphers
  • Solar Morpher
  • Lunar Morpher
  • Planet Sabers
  • Planet fragments
  • Planet Cycles - The Planet Cycles was created by Josh Roberts the Neptune Planet Ranger.
  • Infinity Planet Gauntlet - Jackson uses the Red Planet Gauntlet to transform into the Infinity Planet Defender as an Battlizer.
  • Ultra Planet Blaster
    • Super Planet Blaster
      • Planet Blaster
        • Mars Sword
        • Neptune Trident
        • Saturn Axe
        • Uranus Shot
        • Venus Bow
      • Pluto Blaster
    • Planet Striker
      • Jupiter Lance
      • Mercury Crossbow
  • Galaxy Blitz
    • Sun Revolver
    • Moon Gun

Roll Calls

  • Jackson: "Power of the Planet, Mars Planet Ranger!"
  • Josh: "Stealth of the Planet, Neptune Planet Ranger!"
  • Owen: "Strength of the Planet, Saturn Planet Ranger!"
  • Craig: "Courage of the Planet, Uranus Planet Ranger!"
  • Haley: "Spirit of the Planet, Venus Planet Ranger!"
  • Dark: "Swiftness of the Planet, Pluto Planet Ranger!"
  • Vaughn: "Reliability of the Planet, Jupiter Planet Ranger!"
  • David: "Speed of the Planet, Mercury Planet Ranger!"
  • Zador: "Solar of the Sun, Sun Ranger!"
  • Lunorg: "Lunar of the Moon, Moon Ranger!"
  • Jackson: "Planet Rangers, we are united! Defenders fight the Evil!"
  • All: "Power Rangers Planet Savior!"


Legend: ◆ piloted zord, ❖ aux zord, ✶ team-piloted mecha


Legendary Rangers Keys

Planet Savior Legendary Ranger Keys (Volt Gokai)

Full set of Legendary Ranger Keys.

Planet Savior Legendary Ranger Keys
  • Power Rangers Planet Savior These represent the Planet Rangers.
    • Mars Planet Ranger key
    • Neptune Planet Ranger key
    • Saturn Planet Ranger key
    • Uranus Planet Ranger key
    • Venus Planet Ranger key
    • Pluto Planet Ranger key
    • Jupiter Planet Ranger key
    • Mercury Planet Ranger key
    • Sun Ranger key
    • Moon Ranger key

Stratoforce/Planet Savior Legendary Ranger Mode

Mars Planet Ranger Peter
Neptune Planet Ranger Wyatt Miller
Saturn Planet Ranger Katherine Fox (female version)
Uranus Planet Ranger Steve Tornack
Venus Planet Ranger Stephanie Tornack
Pluto Planet Ranger Master Cedric
Jupiter Planet Ranger Patrick Powell
Mercury Planet Ranger Devin Gibson
Sun Moon Ranger
Sirius (fusion)



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