Jake Tate/Young
Platinum Samurai
Gender: Male
Season(s): Samurai Goes Platinum
Colors: Platinum
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"Power to the Platinum!"


Jake Tate (Son of Sky Tate, who was lost in time) was captured by Serrator and turned into a Nighlock. Later he was defeated by the Rangers and turned into the Crimson Thunder Ranger. With the Curse of 3 Defeats, he was turned into the White Ranger, but using all of his power he defeated Octoroo. This gave him the power or the Wolf Foldingzord which he can make the Wolf Warrior Zord/Megazord.


(To Red) Cool it, Red!

(to yellow) Sorry about your zord. Me and Antonio can fix it!

(To Gold): Ready for some awesome zord fusion?


(Zord combining) Octozord! Wolf Zord! Beetle Zord! Swordfish Zord! and Samurai Megazord! Form to make Ultimate Megazord!

(To Mentor) Great, MORE words of wisdom.

(To Octoroo) WOAH! WHO invited squid face?

(Flipping in air) WOOOOHOOO!


Platinum Samurai Morpher

Gunner Sword (Grade:A)

Hand-to-hand combat (Grade:A)

Platinum Wolf Foldingzord

Wolf Disc


  • He is based on the Gold Ranger.
  • His bad-temper and his anger levels make him notorious for being really angry when attacking Nighlock, making him sort of the opposite of Mentor Ji's calmness.

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