This series is abandoned and has not been edited for over 6 months now. If you want to adopt it put in a request here.
Power Rangers: Android Squad
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Adapted from: Choujin Sentai Bioman
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Author: LLRweegee
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Power Rangers: Android Squad is the American adaption of Choujin Sentai Bioman.This series was originally created by LLRweegee anonymously. 


Five people are at a mall, searching for new school supplies, when suddenly right before they go home, one of the group (Chad) realizes that the time has come, and teleports everyone away with a device from his father, Professor Ken. Meanwhile, Lord Ganio and his Destrocto army, android and organic combined, and called the Destroctodroids, approach Earth, intending to conquer their fifth galaxy in a row. Professor Ken tells Chad and his friends about this, and they receive cuffs like Chad's, each one previously used by two of their ancestors, to become the Power Rangers Android Squad.



1 Chad


  • Professor Ken


  • Lord Ganio, who resembles Doctor Man from Bioman. He can make his monsters grow by zapping the organic parts of their brains with a laser.
  • Destructodroids, cybernetic beings who serve Lord Ganio.
  • Gears, a monster who wields explosive spears.
  • Bio Hunter, a hypnotized ally named Caro who later becomes the Black Android Ranger, and possesses a carrier Zord who appears in Episode 20.


  • Bio Sword Laser
    • Bio Swords


  • Mecha Zord 1
    • Red 1
    • Pink 2
  • Mecha Zord 2
    • Blue 3
    • Green 4
    • Yellow 5
  • Robot Weapon

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