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Power Rangers: Animal Knights
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Intro: Power Rangers: Animal Knights/Theme Song
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Zootopia was once an animal haven, until Kamon came.



Red Jason Rodrick
Yellow Cyndy Clensini
Blue Manny Azulo
White Sally Mundane


  • Tigrus the Tiger
  • Galilea the Eagle
  • Karsh the Shark
  • Selkie the Seal
  • Macua the Macaw
  • Monci the Monkey
  • Armada the Armadillo
  • Delise the Dolphin
  • Tara the Turtle
  • Cygna the Swan
  • Mosey the Mouse
  • Banua the Baboon
  • Polo the Polar Bear
  • Bela the Black Bear
  • Panini the Panda
  • Felicity the Fox
  • Felicity the Fox(Flame Powers)
  • Drago the Golden Dragon

Evil Zords

  • Leon the Lion
  • Seleia the Snake
  • Camille the Chameleon
  • Blage the Black Tiger
  • Darkus the Shadow Dragon


  • Perry Golora: A clumsy, happy-go-lucky girl who is the group's keyboard player.
  • Suzie Mizuko: A foreign exchange student who speaks fluent English and supplies their gadgets. She is one of four people who know their secret. By the end of the series, she has to go back to Japan.
  • Galianna: The Queen of Zootopia. She later becomes the Golden Dragon Keeper.


  • Rex/Kamon
  • Cleo/Revera
  • She-Beast


  • The meeting spot of the Rangers is Beast Studios.
  • It is the season with the second most Zords (if you consider the foxes as separate animals and include the evil Zords).