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Power Rangers: Animal Squad
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Intro: Power Rangers: Animal Squad/Theme Song
Adapted from: Savior Sentai Animanger
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Author: Mirzamar
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This is the American version of Savior Sentai Animanger.

Power Rangers

Red Wolf Ranger - Alex Ryan - 19 - Older Brother of Max Ryan.

Blue Tiger Ranger - Matt Kingston - 22 - Son of Melody Kingston, the creator of RangersMorpher

Black Elephant Ranger - Jonathan Bruno - 21 - Friend of Matt

Yellow Cheetah Ranger - Marie Johnson - 21- Friend of Matt

Pink Hawk Ranger - Melinda Watson - 19 -Friend of Matt

Silver Wolf Ranger - Max Ryan - 17 - Younger Brother of Alex Ryan

Gold Rhino Ranger - Adrian Andrew - 17 - A friend of Max

Sun King Lion Ranger - Leo - 25/226 - A young Prince got sealed 200 years ago.

Allies/Supporting Character

Main Villain

Braken - A villain that was created by evil wizard 200 years ago.

Zerad- Braken's apprentice.

See Also

Savior Sentai AnimangerPower Rangers: Animal SquadKishi Sentai Tokuranger

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