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Power Rangers: Animalia
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First episode: Rumble of the Jungle
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Author: Barraki670
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Another fanon Power Rangers season created by Barraki670.


30,000 years ago, there was a peaceful paradise above the clouds: Animalia. The king of that floating landmass had 2 sons. Though alien robots (the same ones from Power Rangers: Wild Patrol) invaded Animalia. The robots killed the elder prince, and his father. The remaining prince was so enraged that when a scorpion stung him, he inherited its DNA and mutated into a "werescorpion". Known as Scorpok from that point, his scorpion DNA took over his brain - destoying his free will, and went on a rampage. His poison klled humans in an instant, and mutated various animals into human hybrids that served him. But 3 warriors decided to put a stop to the insanity by using powerful weapons that sent out a beam of light that sealed Scorpok's mind in an emerald, destroyed the robots, and exiled the mutant animals off the face of Animala - where they remain this very day. But now the generals of Scorpok's "army " have surfaced, which led to the descendant of the king of Animala too summon 3 humans to become the Power Rangers: Animalia.


Gorilla Rick
Leopard Joe
Kangaroo Susan
Bat Master Chiro
Elephant Master Tusk
Shark Master Chond
Wolf Andy
Rhinoceros Master Horn


  • Master Leon


  • Scorpok

Anilords (Generals)

  • Soaropteryx - Eagle
  • Cetacea - Sperm Whale
  • Ursiro - Bear

Beasts (Monsters)

  • Scythor - Praying Mantis
  • Tigrressive - Tiger
  • Hedgongo - Hedgehog
  • Serpiok - Cobra
  • Caimock - Caiman
  • Iguanarok - Iguana
  • Earwar - Earwig
  • Anteatereater - Anteater
  • Pangoball - Panglin
  • Ostrinado - Ostrich
    • Ostricane
  • Swordfest - Swordfish
  • Snaperior - Snapping Turtle
  • Monkreaper - Mandrill
  • Swarmer - Wasp
  • Ferobite & Voltshi - Moray and Electric Eels respectively
  • Buffarage - American Bison


  • Jungle Morphers
    • Bat Morpher
    • Elephant Morpher
    • Shark Morpher
  • Gorilla Axe
  • Leopard Daggers
  • Kangaroo Tomfa
  • Bat Lance
  • Elephant Mace
  • Shark Saber
  • Wolf Claws
  • Rhino Horn


  • Red Gorilla Zord
  • Blue Leopard Zord
  • Yellow Kangaroo Zord
  • Violet Bat Zord
  • Green Elephant Zord
  • Cyan Shark Zord
  • Black Wolf Zord
  • White Rhino Zord



1. Rumble of the Jungle

2. Power of the Gorilla

3. A Real Prickle

4. Mind Gamesssssss

5. Copygator

6. Iguana vs. Bat

7. Earwig Reaper

8. Who Eats Anteaters?!

9. Pangolin vs. Elephant

10 % 11. The Egg

12. Swordfish vs. Shark

13. Oh, Snap!

14. Killer Primate

15. Red Wasp

16-19. Curse of the Wolf

20-21. Horn of the Rhino

more coming soon...

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