Power Rangers: Atlantis
Number 2
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Author: Future Beetle
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Power Rangers: Atlantis was the second season of Power Rangers.


After Globber was defeated and three months later, the six Rangers gathering their powers to destroy the darkness. However, their powers are lost and transformed into Ranger Gems and keep it safety.

After the month, the story are just begans. The boy named Oliver who talking to animals like critters are like pets. The new evil ways has come and invades the atlantis called Atlanta Land and people are Seamen. The river monsters was called Kailock and leader named King Lantis to destroy the Atlanta Land. However, the young girl named Princess Kida the survivor of Seamens. Helping out the four childrens, she warns them Seamens was sealed by King Lantis's magic staff, but one survived is her mentor Lortis. The power of sea animals, Oliver and his friends' pets are become Zords. With the power of Zords, they become a new Power Rangers.


Orca Oliver
Dolphin Princess Kida
Turtle Tony
Seal Elmer



  • Lortis


  • King Lantis
  • Mutatisaurus (King Lantis's pet)
  • Seperator
  • Lady Bowmaw


  • Sea Morpher
  • Fin Blaster
  • Gotcha Attacker
    • Orca Fin Sword
    • Dolphin Spear
    • Shell Spinner
    • Seal Howler
    • Penguin Dagger


Atlanto Zords

  • Atlanto Megazord
    • Red Orca Zord (Oliver/Red)
    • Blue Dolphin Zord (Kida/Blue)
    • Green Sea Turtle Zord (Tony/Green)
    • Yellow Seal Zord (Elmer/Yellow)
    • Pink Penguin Zord (Lisa/Pink)

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