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Ranger Force
Number ?
Number of episodes: ?
First episode: ?
Last episode: ?
Intro: Power Rangers: Battalion Fighters/Theme Song
Adapted from: ?
Original airing: ?
Author: Sierra
Production Order
Power Rangers: Battalion Fighters is another of Sierra's series.


Five teens find some morphers at a construction site. It allows them to turn into any Ranger in history.

Ranger Forms

Red Blue Green Yellow Pink White
Red Ranger Blue Ranger Black Ranger Yellow Ranger Pink Ranger

White Ranger

Dai Red

(Thunder Red)

Dai Blue

(Thunder Blue)

Dai Green

(Thunder Green)

Dai Yellow

(Thunder Yellow)

Dai Pink

(Thunder Pink)

White Ranger

Red Ninja Ranger Blue Ninja Ranger Black Ninja Ranger Yellow Ninja Ranger Pink Ninja Ranger White Ninja Ranger
Zeo V Zeo III Zeo IV Zeo II Zeo I Zeo Gold
Turbo Red Turbo Blue Turbo Green Turbo Yellow Turbo Pink Blue Senturion
Space Red Space Blue Space Black Space Yellow Space Pink Silver Ranger
Galaxy Red Galaxy Blue Galaxy Green Galaxy Yellow Galaxy Pink Magna Defender
Rescue Red Rescue Blue

Rescue Green

Rescue Yellow Rescue Pink Titanium Ranger
Time Force Red Time Force Blue Time Force Green Time Force Yellow Time Force Pink Quantum Ranger
Wild Force Red Wild Force Blue Wild Force Black Wild Force Yellow Wild Force White Lunar Ranger
Red Wind Ranger Blue Wind Ranger Green Samurai Ranger Yellow Wind Ranger Crimson Thunder Ranger Navy Thunder Rangers
Red Dino Ranger Blue Dino Ranger Black Dino Ranger Yellow Dino Ranger White Dino Ranger ???
SPD Red SPD Blue SPD Green SPD Yellow SPD Pink SPD Shadow Rangers
A-Squad Yellow A-Squad Blue A-Squad Green



A-Squad Pink SPD Orange Ranger
Mystic Red Mystic Yellow Mystic Green Mystic Blue Mystic Pink Solaris Knight
Overdrive Red Overdrive Blue Overdrive Black Overdrive Yellow Overdrive Pink Mercury Ranger
Jungle Red Jungle Blue ??? Jungle Yellow Violet Ranger Jungle White
Shark Spirit Ranger Bat Spirit Ranger Elephant Spirit Ranger Camille Jarrod Master Mao
RPM Red RPM Blue RPM Green RPM Yellow RPM Black RPM Wings
Red Samurai Blue Samurai Green Samurai Yellow Samurai Pink Samurai Gold Samurai
Super Samurai Red Super Samurai Blue Super Samurai Green Super Samurai Yellow Super Samurai Pink Deker
Red Alien Blue Alien Black Alien Yellow Alien White Alien Ninjor

Megaforce Red

Megaforce Blue

Megaforce Black

Megaforce Yellow

Megaforce Pink


Super Megaforce Red

Super Megaforce Blue

Super Megaforce Green

Super Megaforce Yellow

Super Megaforce Pink

Super Megaforce Silver (???)


Buster Red Buster Blue Beet Buster Buster Yellow Stag Buster


Akiba Red

(Sky Red)

Akiba Blue

(Sky Blue)

©Na (Battle Mode)

Akiba Yellow

(Sky Yellow)



Red Blue Green Yellow Pink White


Dragon Zord






Sabre-toothed Tiger




White Tiger


Zeo Zord V

Red Battlezord

Zeo Zord III Zeo Zord IV Zeo Zord II Zeo Zord I Pyramidas
Ninja Ape Ninja Wolf Ninja Frog Ninja Bear Ninja Crane Ninja Falcon

Battle Borgs

Red Lightning

Lightning Fire Tamer

Mountain Blaster

Siren Blaster

Desert Thunder

Thunder Loader

Dune Star

Star Racer

Wind Chaser

Wind Rescue

Robo Racer

Artillatron (with Rescue Zords)

Astro Megaship

Mega V1

Mega V3 Mega V2 Mega V4 Mega V5

Delta Megaship


Lion Galactabeast

Gorilla Galactabeast

Falcon Galactabeast Wolf Galactabeast Wildcat Galactabeast TauroZord
Pyro 1 Hydro 2 Aero 3 Haz 4 Med 5

Max Solarzord


Time Flyer 1 Time Flyer 2 Time Flyer 3 Time Flyer 4 Time Flyer 5



Red Lion

Red Falcon

Green Gorilla

Blue Shark

Golden Giraffe

Yellow Stingray

Black Bison

Blue Rhino

Golden Armadillo

Blue Zebra

Yellow Eagle

Bear Zords

Yellow Peacock

White Tiger

Green Elephant

Golden Deer

Blue Rat


Soul Bird

Hawk Lion Beetle Dolphin Insect

Samurai Star


Tyranno Tricera Brachio Ptera





SPD 1 SPD 2 SPD 3 SPD 4 SPD 5 Omegamax Cycle
SWAT 4 SWAT 2 SWAT 3 SWAT 1 SWAT 5 Delta Base

Mystic Pheonix

Mystic Firebird

Mystic Garuda

Mystic Lion

Mystic Dragon

Mystic Minotaur

Mystic Mermaid Mystic Sprite Solaris Streak

Dump Driver

Battle Fleet Megazord

Gyro Driver Speed Driver Shovel Driver Sub Driver Rescue Zords 1, 2, 3
Jungle Tiger Jungle Jaguar Jungle Wolf Jungle Cheetah Jungle Rhino Jungle Lion
Jungle Shark Jungle Bat Jungle Elephant Jungle Chameleon Jungle Chameleon ---
Eagle Racer Lion Hauler Wolf Speeder Bear Crawler Tail Spinner

Tiger Jet

Eagle Copter

Whale Zord

Lion Folding

Shark Zord

Dragon Folding Bear Folding Ape Folding Turtle Folding


Dragon Shark Snake Tiger Pheonix Gosei Ground
Galleon Jet Racer Trailer Submarine Brave Beast God

See Also

Power Rangers: Ultimately WildPower Rangers TrappedPower Rangers: Ranger Force

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