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Power Rangers: Dino Pack
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First episode: The New Rangers Part 1
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Author: Barraki670
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Yet another dinosaur-based fanon Power Ranger season created by Barraki670.


The dinosaurs were also dealing with organic aliens during the end of the Mesozoic Era. The organic aliens reduced the dinosaur numbers down to size. By the time the meteor struck Earth, a nest of multi-colored eggs from various genera had been created to preserve dinosaur life. Now the eggs from the occurred cave-in have been discovered by paleontologists. The dinosaurs hatched on only 3 escaped from the lab - who the scientists are researching. The dinosaurs that escaped were however, have been had their DNA mutated. They bite 3 highschoolers and their DNA give them civilians powers, and spawn morphers. This turns the teens into the Power Rangers: Dino Pack.


Triceratops Brock
Stegosaurus Max
Pteranodon Kori
Carnotaurus Gabriel
Spinosaurus Spen


Prehistoric Animals

  • Horncharge - the red Triceratops.
  • Stacker - the yellow Stegosaurus.
  • Skymax - the blue Pteranodon.
  • Bullfire - the green Carnotaurus.
  • Blade - the black Spinosarus.
  • Iggy - the gray Iguanodon.
  • Boulder - the orange Pachycephalosaurus.
  • Tornado - the blue Ichthyosaurus.
  • Whiprun - the teal Ankylosaurus.
  • Boomwind - the violet Parsaurolophus.


  • Farkas Bulkmeier
  • Eugene Skullovitch
  • Spike Skullovitch


  • Aranaeus - Scorpius's brother.


  • Spyra - Aranaeus's wife
  • Rantor - Aranaeus and Spyra's son.
  • Treachernaut
  • Jinx

Soldiers (Monsters)

  • Bobgrunt - a bobcat monster. Destroyed by the Jurassic Megazord.
  • Reaven - a raven monster. Destroyed by the Jurassic Megazord.
  • Zipper - a zebra monster. Destroyed by the Jurassic Megazord wih Pachycephalosaurus Power.
  • Piranhak - a piranha monster. Destroyed by the Jurassic Megazord with Pachycephalosaurus Power.
  • Chondyro - a great white shark monster. Destroyed by the Jurassic Megazord with Ichthyosaurus Power.
  • Firefight - a fire-elemental firefly monster. Destroyed by the Jurassic Mgazord with Ichthyosaurus Power.
  • Krako - a squid monster. Destroyed by the Jurassic Megazord with Ankylosaurus Power.
  • Chameleo - an DNA-swapping chameleon monster. Once accidentally switched DNA with Brock, but was reversed. Destroyed by the Juarssic Megazord with Pachycephalosaurus and Ichthyosauus Power.
  • Yipyap - a coyote monster. Destroyed by the Jurassic Megazord with Parasaurolophus Power.
  • Tailith - an earwig monster. Destroyed by the Jurassic Taurus Megazord.
  • Speedy - a cheetah monster. Destroyed by the Gray Iguanodon Zord.
  • Stamtipede - a centipede monster. Destroyed by Spen.
  • Sloison - a poison dart frog monster. Destroyed by the Spino Iguanozord.


  • Dino Morphers
  • Mesozoic Cannon
    • Jurassic Trident
    • Stego Axe
    • Pterano Bow
  • Carno Staff
  • Pachycephalo Smasher
  • Ichthyo Lance
  • Ankylo Mace
  • Parasaur Screamer
  • Spino Dagger



  • Red Triceratops Zord
  • Yellow Stegosaurus Zord
  • Blue Pteranodon Zord
  • Green Carnotaurus Zord
  • Black Spinosaurus Zord
  • Grey Iguanodon Zord


  • Orange Pachycephalosaurus Zord
  • Cyan Ichthyosaurus Zord
  • Teal Ankylosaurus Zord
  • Violet Parasaurolophus Zord



1 & 2. The New Rangers

3. Origin of the Dinos

4. Pachycephalosaurus Power

5. Get Reel

6. Ichthyosaurus Power

7. When There's Smoke, There's Fireflies

8. Ankylosaurus Power

9. DNA Games

10. Parasaurolophus Power

11. A New Hero

12. Iguanodon Power

13-16. The Black Ranger Strikes

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