Power Rangers: Drive Force is a series created by Sonic Flash. It contains a few elements from Power Rangers Operation Overdrive as well as other official Power Rangers series. 


In the not-so-distant year 2020, a sinister criminal named Dr. Jack, in order to gain power and to rule the world, recreates himself as a humanoid robotic cyborg named Kilobyte using the energy of a great power source, a great discovery of his own, the trizerium crystals. He uses its power to program and create an army of robotic footsoldiers and robotic mutants. 

During the same time, a scientist at Newtech Laboratory named Dr. John Smith discovered an immensive energy source, the quantum trizerium crystal. The Newtech Laboratory secretly developed five immensely powerful tools that could harness the power of those crystals to stay prepared for any mishaps they intuited. Their intuition was quite right, for Kilobyte prepared his army to attack the planet. 

Dr. Smith then recruited five teenagers to harness the power of those trizerium crystal powered transformation devices known as morphers to transform into a brand new team of Power Rangers - they are the Power Rangers: Drive Force. They would later be joined by another crew member as the Mercury Ranger. Will the rangers be able to defeat the Protoxyrum army? This is yet an unsolved mystery... 



  • Drive Force Red - Andrew Hartford
  • Drive Force Blue - Kevin "Ken" McAllistar
  • Drive Force Black - Flynn Scott
  • Drive Force Yellow - Emily Johnson
  • Drive Force Pink - Taylor Pattinson


  • Dr. John Smith
  • Conner Jonathan


  • Protoxyrum Army
    • Main Villains
      • Kilobyte (Terabyte)
      • Protobot 3000 (Ultimate Protobot 9000)
    • Generals
      • Frax
      • Venjix
      • Mach
      • Zorren
      • Lenovo 7
    • Footsoldiers
      • Cyclobots (Main)
      • Kilobyte
      • Megabyte 
      • Gigabots (Most Powerful)
    • Monsters
      • Tentacus
      • Argus
      • Haxor
      • Shorty
      • Centramax
      • Bugglesworth
      • Delex
      • Helix 
      • Noghlok
      • Xandred 
      • Broodwing
      • Green eyes
      • Hydrax
      • Katastros
      • Cybertron
      • Dax 527
      • Mavro
      • Mirloc
      • 000
      • T-Top
      • Morgana 
      • Devastation
      • QWERTY 6.5


Transformation Devices

  • DriveMax Morpher
  • Mercury Morpher

Power Ups

  • Drive Force Battlizer
  • Drive Force Aquitizer
  • Red Sentinel Ranger
  • Turbo Jet Mode


  • Drive Defender
  • Nitro Blaster/Sword
  • DriveMax Blaster
    • Rocket Blaster
    • Turbo Striker
    • Sonic Hammer
    • Zip Charger
    • Nitro Drill Blaster
  • Uranium Blaster
    • Drive Lance
    • Mercury Shotgun
  • Turbo Sword
  • Jet Blaster


  1. Start your Engines


  • The series is named after Power Rangers Operation Overdrive's previously thought name. 


Color Ranger Actor
Red Louis Michael Anthony Estes
Blue Chase Minh Nguyen
Green Maurice Jonny Foster
Yellow Diego Norbert Renegade Enigma Melendez
White Rachel Lindsay Campbell
Bridget MalaGuithaa Malaga Malagha
Alex Victor Meyer Christopher


  • Mr. Abdullah


Drive Cells: morphers used by the Rangers

Drivezookas: primary weapons of all the rangers.

Morphing Call: "Drive for...Drive Force!"

Drive Battle Armor: Rangers upgrade armor


Drive Force Megazord

1993 Nissan 240 SX (forms head and upper torso)

2010 Dodge Ram 2500 (forms lower torso, thighs, upper legs, and chestplate)

2011 Chevrolet Camaro SS (forms lower right leg)

2008 Shelby Mustang GT500 (forms lower left leg)

1998 Acura Integra GSR (splits and forms arms)

Red 240SX II

The Red Ranger's zord, transport mode

Blue Dodge RAM 1500

Blue Ranger's zord, transport mode


Green Ranger's Zord, transport mode

Yellow-2010 Ford Mustang GT500--DC

Yellow Ranger's Zord, transport mode

White-1993-1997 Honda Integra GSi coupe

White Ranger's Zord, transport mode

2003 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 (converts to warrior mode)

Mustang Cobra GT 500 (year unknown) (is extra battle gear)

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