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Power Rangers: Element Ninjas
Number 6
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First episode: Ninja Quest, Part 1
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Intro: Power Rangers: Element Ninjas/Theme Song
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Author: Barraki670
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The 6th fanon Power Rangers season created by Barraki670. This is an element/ninja motif with elements similar to Power Rangers: Ninja Storm.


Every 10 decades, a powerful evil known as the Inverebrate Force invades Earth to remake it like the Carbniferous Period. But in 2023, they were ready for the ninja academy by actually destroying the Grand Swords. The force then kidnapped all but 3 students. Now, their mentor - trapped in the form of a dragonfly - recruits these last 3 students to become the Power Rangers: Element Ninjas.


Air/Eagle Jack
Water/Dolphin Kelsey
Earth/Lion Tyson
Lightning/Stagbeetle Spencer Williams
Thunder/Rhinobeetle Dave Williams
Life/Anomalocaris Nicholas "Nick" Ai
Ice/Seal Raph



Mentor Ai


Air Morpher

Water Morpher

Earth Morpher

Lightning Morpher

Thunder Morpher

Life Morpher

Ice Morpher

Fire Morpher

Element Swords


Main Zords

Eagle Ninja Zord (Jack/Red)

Dolphin Ninja Zord (Georgia/Blue)

Lion Ninja Zord (Tyson/Yellow)

Stag Beetle Ninja Zord (Spencer/Crimson)

Rhinoceros Beetle Ninja Zord (Dave/Navy)

Anomalocrais Ninja Zord (Nicholas/Green)

Seal Nina Zord (Raph/White)

Dragon Ninja Zord (Roswell/Gold)

Auxiliary Zords

Anglerfish Ninja Zord (Georgia/Blue)

Shark Ninja Zord (Georgia/Blue)

Manta Ray Ninja Zord (Georgia/Blue)

Rhino Ninja Zord (Tyson/Yellow)

Bear Ninja Zord (Tyson/Yellow)

Tiger Ninja Zord (Tyson/Yellow)

Hawk Ninja Zord (Jack/Red)

Vulture Ninja Zord (Jack/Red)

Falcon Ninja Zord (Jack/Red)

Walrus Ninja Zord (Raph/White)

Sealion Ninja Zord (Raph/White)

Wyvern Ninja Zord (Roswell/Gold)

Javrah Ninja Zord (Roswell/Gold)


Element Ninja Ultrazord

Element Ninja Megazord

Storm Megazord

Anomalocaris Megazord

Ice Storm Megazord

Fire Storm Megazord


Invertebrate Force


Master Milis (Millipede motif)


General Centis (Centipede motif)

General Sting (Wasp motif)

General Termus (Termite motif)

General Serratinator (Praying mantis motif)

General Stinglash (Scorpion motif)

General Oilsilk (Spider motif)

General M (Mite motif)

General T (Tick motif)

General Grasshop (Grasshopper motif)

General Nat (Ant motif)

General Shortclaw (Carb motif)

General Longclaw (Lobster motif)

General Armorhide (Pillbug motif)

General Tailmouth (Earwig motif)

General Weeve (Weevil motif)

Dark Element Ninja Rangers (formely)

Air/Bat Peter Ai
Water/Lamprey Hannah Quincey
Earth/Wolf Alexander Quincey

Flys - fly-motif foot soldiers


Ninja Quest, Part 1

Ninja Quest, Part 2

More coming soon...

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