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Power Rangers: Forever Furious
Number 13
Number of episodes: 54
First episode: Grave Beginnings (Part 1)
Last episode: Endings (Part 2)
Intro: Power Rangers: Forever Furious/Theme Song
Adapted from:
Original airing: ?
Author: Curly-BraceXD
Production Order

Power Rangers Forever Furious is the 13th season of Power Rangers.


After he's accidentally awakened from his 200-year sleep, Master Zurui unleashes an army of deadly Ninjacks to help him conquer the world. As the legend goes, three heroes arise and stop the army of Ninjacks from destroying the city. Angelo, Marcus, and Ai become the Power Rangers and use all of their powers to defeat evil. Zurui recruits several, skilled warriors to help him succeed, but each of them are no match for the rangers. When Zurui confronts them himself, he seems almost invincible, but is defeated with the power of the Lightyear Shuriken.


Power Rangers

Red Angelo
Blue Marcus
Yellow Ai
Purple Carol
Black Bayani
White Christopher


  • Kimberly
  • Evil Ranger



  • Fire Morpher: Angelo's morpher.
  • Water Morpher: Marcus' morpher.
  • Eye Morpher: Ai's morpher.
  • Petunia Morpher:Carol's morpher.
  • Shadow Morpher:Bayani's morpher.
  • Light Morpher:Christopher morpher.


  • Tiger Cycle: Angelo's motorcycle.
  • Shark Cycle: Marcus' motorcycle.
  • Ninja Cycle: Ai's motorcycle.
  • Petunia Cycle: Carol's motorcycle.
  • Shadow Cycle: Bayani's motorcycle.
  • Light Cycle: Christopher's motorcycle.


  • Tiger Zord: Angelo's zord.
  • Shark Zord: Marcus' zord.
  • Canary Zord: Ai's zord.
  • Petunia Zord: Carol's zord.
  • Fury Megazord: Formed when all, three zords are combined.
  • Ninjazord: A sleeker version of the Fury Megazord.
  • Forever Megazord: Formed when the Petunia Zord is added to the Fury Megazord.
  • Shadow Megazord: A megazord specially designed for the Black Ranger.
  • Light Megazord: A megazord specially designed for the White Ranger.


  1. Grave Beginnings (Part 1)
  2. Grave Beginnings (Part 2)
  3. Ninjack Attack
  4. Psycorogue Wages War
  5. Split Personality
  6. Romance in the Air
  7. Technical Difficulties (Part 1)
  8. Technical Difficulties (Part 2)
  9. That Sinking Feeling
  10. Better with Cheddar
  11. Silent Storm
  12. Bug Off
  13. Kimberly Kills
  14. Vampire Verdict
  15. No Business Like Show Business
  16. Goin' Bananas
  17. Trickin' Chicken
  18. Blast to the Past (Part 1)
  19. Blast to the Past (Part 2)
  20. Blast to the Past (Part 3)
  21. Samurai Showdown
  22. Dear Friends
  23. Monster Mayhem
  24. Angelo The Mighty
  25. Sacred Blessing
  26. Marcus Meets Marcus
  27. Purple n' Black
  28. Son of the Gun
  29. Raging Fury
  30. Ai Meets Her Fate
  31. Tengu Tree
  32. Sword of Secrets
  33. Off the Run
  34. The Master's Day Out
  35. Kimberly Kills II
  36. Return of the Dino (Part 1)
  37. Return of the Dino (Part 2)
  38. Return of the Dino (Part 3)
  39. Feelin' Froggy
  40. Naughty Nautilus
  41. Lust for Evil
  42. Brain Drain
  43. Dog Days of Summer
  44. The Birthday Surprise
  45. Change for Change
  46. Zurui's Dreamland
  47. Bayani and the Beast
  48. Fame Fatal
  49. Psycorogue's Master Plan
  50. A Christmas Carol
  51. Boundin' Bayani
  52. War of the Ninjacks
  53. Endings (Part 1)
  54. Endings (Part 2)

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