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Power Rangers: Gem Wonders
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Power Rangers: Gem Wonders is a series that follows Power Rangers Samurai. It will have 2 or 3 seasons. There are 5 members of the team, but there will be a 6th member after a while. Then later, 3 more members known as Gem Soul Rangers will also appear, but they will be like The Spirit Rangers in Power Rangers: Jungle Fury. The series focuses on gems and elements. The series releated to Power Rangers: Samurai and Power Rangers: Super Samurai. It is also related to Power Rangers: Jungle Fury a little, too.


Gem Wonders Members
Ranger Identity True Identity
Red Fire Garnet Ranger Mason Foster
Blue Water-Ice Diamond Ranger Harry Von Zem
Green Forest Emerald Ranger Ian Cofe
Yellow Earth Topaz Ranger Samantha "Sam" Liama
Purple Sky Amtheyst Ranger Ziaki Hansi
Black Storm-Light Onyx Ranger Cole Black


Sensei Zu: The Rangers' mentor. Mason and Lucy have known him well, due to the fact that they lived with him since their childhood because of their mother and father's a.k.a. the previous Red Garnet Ranger's death.

Lucy Foster: The younger sister of Mason Foster/Red Garnet Ranger and youngest child of the previous Red Garnet Ranger. Because her father and mother have died, Lucy had to live with her brother even though only Mason was a Ranger. But she has a very important job for the team: helping someone heal if they are hurt or sick.

Larry Von Zem: The older brother of Harry Von Zem/Blue Diamond Ranger and oldest child of the previous Blue Diamond Ranger. Larry was supposed to be the current Blue Diamond Ranger but after he got pnemounia, he was just too weak to become a Ranger. Larry will visit the Rangers a lot in the series.

Jamie Cofe: The younger sister of Ian Cofe/Green Emerald Ranger and youngest child of the previous Green Emerald Ranger. Jamie will visit the Rangers a few times but not that much.

Samantha "Sam" Liama: Sarah Liama/Yellow Topaz Ranger's mother and the only Ranger of the previous Gem Wonders team that survived the battle. She will only appear in one episode/chapter.

Ziaki Hansi: Destiny's older sister who is in college so she can get money for her parents. Therefore, Destiny took her place instead. She might appear in 1 or 2 episodes.

Cole Black: Ceren's younger twin brother. Ceren is the youngest child of the previous Black Onyx Ranger (a.k.a. The Darkblade Warrior). Ceren might appear in a few episodes.



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