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Power Rangers: Insect Force
Number ?
Number of episodes: ?
First episode: 1
Last episode: ?
Intro: Power Rangers: Insect Force/Theme Song
Adapted from:
Original airing: 2012
Author: Tsukasa112
Production Order
Power Rangers Insect Force is the newest installment of Power Rangers for 2012.


In the year 20XX An alien meteor lands on Earth, bringing with it the ferocious insecknights. Now, 7 years later is 2012 and the Insecknights have grown powerful and want to take over the world. The only people who can stop them are an uncanny group of teenagers, the Power Rangers Insect Force!

Insect Rangers

Good Insect Force Rangers

All kabuto riders by Mastvid

Bottom Row: Purple Scorpion Ranger, Aqua Dragon Ranger, Red Beetle Ranger, Yellow Bee Ranger and Blue Stag Ranger. Back Row: Silver Cricket Ranger, Black Beetle Ranger, Green GrassHopper Ranger

Red Beetle Dick
Blue Stag Kevin
Yellow Bee Maple
Aqua Dragon Peter
Purple Scorpion Ishtibal

Evil Insect Rangers

Three Power Rangers who were given the power of the evil insects in order to help the Insecknights defeat the Insect Force Rangers.

Green Grasshopper Jimmy
Silver Cricket Ted
Black Beetle Majes.

Super Insect Rangers


Blue Stag Super Insect Ranger and Red Beetle Super Insect Ranger

When the Insecknights get stronger and they have to fight against the evil insect rangers too Dick and Kevin who's actually a dick get their Insect Morphers upgraded with a Super Insect Module. With the Super Insect Module they can become the Super Insect Rangers, which can move at Super Speed to defeat any enemy they need.

Insecknight Rangers


Gold Beetle Ranger, Titanium Hercules Ranger and Brown Centaur Ranger

The Insecknight Rangers are Insect Force Rangers created to do their bidding when the Evil Rangers fail. These are the most poweful rangers, only rivaled by the Super Insect Rangers.
Gold Beetle Timmy
Titanium Hercules Nate
Brown Centaur Kevin

Gold Winged Insect Ranger


Gold Winged Insect Ranger

When Timmy, the Gold Beetle Ranger is beaten by Red Beetle Super Insect Ranger he decides to join the insect rangers and fight for justice, so his Insect Morhper transforms into the Winged Insect Belt, which lets him become the Gold Winged Insect Ranger.

White Mosquito Insect Ranger

Kamen Rider Kivala

White Mosquito Insect Ranger

Jennifer is the last to join the team, because she gets her powers from the special Artificial Mosquito Morpher. She uses the Artificial Mosquito Morpher to become the White Insect Ranger, and helps the Insect Rangers fight the most powerful Insecknights.

Yellow Advanced Insect Ranger


Yellow Advanced Insect Ranger

When Maple uses the Super Insect Module intrusted to him by Timmy before his Gold Beetle Ranger power is destroyed, he uses this to transform into the Yellow Bee Super Insect Ranger. However, just like with Timmy it is too powerful for the Bee Morpher to handle, and his powers are destroyed. Later he is given 3 Special Power Coins, each with a powerful Insect Spirit in them, that let him become the Yellow Advanced Insect Ranger to once again fight against his friends.

Power Rangers Insect Force Season 2

After the Insect Force Rangers defeat the Insecknights they come back as the Phantom Insectors, new versions of all of the old Insecknights. The insect force rangers are much weaker then these new powered up baddies, but with some new powers and some new allies, they fight back and protect the planet earth from the Phantom Insectors Evil Grasp! But with new Rangers Powers there might be a new team of evil Rangers on the horizon...

Ancient Insect Rangers

In season 2 when the rangers are being overpowered by the powerful phantom insectors a team of 4 ancient insect force rangers appear before them as ghosts and use their powers to help them fight the phantom insectors temporarily because they are ghosts they cant live for longer but they were the insect force rangers who fought the insecknights 10 million years ago on planet insectron. they are also brothers with mastery of the 4 Insect Elements.

Kamen rider wizard by yorkemaster-d5eibq2

Ancient Insect Rangers

Ancient Red Insect Chad
Ancient Blue Insect Clad
Ancient Yellow Insect Cody
Ancient Green Insect Tim

White King Insect Ranger

White King Insect Ranger

The White King Insect Ranger was an ancient king from 10 million years ago on the planet insectron, the planet the insecknights and ancient insect rangers come from. He used the powers of the ancient Insect Force scriptures to create the Power Rings, allowing his sons to become the Ancient Insect Rangers and himself to become the White King insect ranger, in order to fight the evil insectrons that started appearing. He has extreme power and is considered the strongest Insect Ranger ever or was during his time at least, however he was defeated by a sneak attack from the Insecknight leader who now goes by the name of Phantom insector leader. He appaers leading the other Ancient Insect Rangers ghosts.

White Insect KING Ranger Fred

Ultra Insect Force Rangers


Ultra Insect Force Ranger Silver


Ultra Insect Force Rangers Blue-Green

When the Ancient Insect Rangers and their father are about to die they pass on their powers to the current Insect Rangers that are still fighting (The original 5 good Insect Force Rangers that is except for Ishtibal because he had to go back to his homeland lebonon) before their spirits pass into the after world. Their Insect Morphers and turned into Ultra Power Rings to let them transform into ultra insects the Ultra Insect Force Rangers who can now fight evenly and are even stronger then the Phantom Insectors. Rubylereia, a friend of Dick's becomes the new Blue Ranger using Ishitbals old powers and Warren, timmys cousin joins later using timmy's old powers but powered up to ULTRA!
Silver Ultra Beetle Dick
Red Ultra Stag Kevin
Yellow Ultra Bee Maple
Green Ultra Dragon Peter
Blue Ultra Scorpion Rubylereia
Gold Ultra Beetle Warren

Gold Ultra Insect Ranger

Phantom Insect Rangers

Three Mages

Phantom Insect Rangers

Three teenagers got the power of Phantom Insects from Phantom Insector Leader to defeat the Ultra Insect Rangers. unlike the Evil Insect Rangers who used the same basic power as the Insect Force Rangers these guys are like the Insecknight Rangers and use pure evil power to fuel their rage.

Orange Ant Maria
Blue Ant Kimoney
Green Ant Greg

Shadow Hopper


Shadow Hopper, Shadow Ranger and Super Shadow Ranger

Shadow Hopper is a grass-hopper like Phantom Insector created out of the hate energy that the Phatom Insect Force rangers had for the Insect Force Rangers before they were killed. He was extremely powerful and the strongest monster the Ultra Insect Force Rangers had fought yet. He can transform into a Power Ranger himself, becoming the evil Shadow Ranger and Super Shadow Ranger using the Shadow Belt Spirit Morpher and Shadow Cards.

Power Rangers Insect Force Season 3 - Power Rangers Insect SPEED Force

2 months after the defeat of Shadow Hopper and the Phantom Insectors rises a new threat... The Phantom Insector King merged And Shadow Hopper were able to turn their bodies into ROBOT INSECTS before being destroyed completely. They would rebuild an army known as Insecbots to finally take over the world and fulfill their goals from millions of years ago... With the Insect Rings destroyed.. what can the Insect Rangers do? They'll need to use the fast power of SPEED!!!

Insect SPEED Force Rangers

With their new mentor, Professor W. Aistholder by their side, the Insect Rangers gained a new power... INSECT CARS. With these cars and their all new Insect Car Morpher they would be able to transform into the powerful Insect Speed Rangers using the power of the legendary Beetle Tires.
Insect speed rangers

The Insect Speed Rangers

Red Speed Insect Ranger Dick
Blue Speed Insect Ranger Rubylereia
Green Speed Insect Ranger Peter
Black Speed Insect Ranger Maple
Orange Speed Insect Ranger Kevin
Silver Speed Force Insect Ranger Jimmin
Cont04 text (1)

Super Charged Speed Red Insect Force Ranger

Dick's powerful upgrade he gets to his Red Ranger powers later on, allowing him to use SUPER CHARGED speed.

Red Super Charged Speed Insect ranger HA

Super Charrged Speed Red Insect Force Ranger Dick

Shadow Hopper Machine/Shadow Speed Insect Ranger

Shadow ranger

Shadow Hoppers Humanoid Form, Shadow Hopper Machine Form, Shadow Speed Insect Ranger

Shadow Hopper, the powerful Shadow Ranger and Phantom Insector from last season has returned as a Robosect, complete with a new look but he still resemlbes the powerful Insect beast he was before. Now he has a robot body that looks like a human and uses the Robot Machine Insector Gun to equip his new Shadow Hopper armor. Later after he is defeated he realizes all along he was a Power Ranger and knew that he needed to fight against his creators... so he becomes the SHADOW SPEED INSECT RANGER and fights alongside the Insect Rangers as their new friend!! AT SONIC SPEED!!!


Power Rangers Spirit Insect Force

After defeating the Insecbots the Insect Rangers were finally able to take their long awaited break... this break was unfortunately short lived however as a new evil was lurking in the shadows. although the rangers thought they had finally seen the last of the Insecknights they were DEAD wrong.. and DEAD themselves! the Insecknights spirits were freed from their mechanical bodies and were now able to become evil Insecghosts, without a real or phhysical body they were able to defeat the Insect Rangers speed powers easily.. That is until a new ally, man of legend appeare before them and give them a new power.. SPIRIT INSECT POWER. With their own spirits now in small orbs, known as Insect Orbs, filled with their own Spirit and the Spirit of an insect the Insect rangers are able to become Spirit Insect Rangers, and fight to claim back their own lives and end the insecghosts once and for all!! Notto mention ishtibal died in lebanonon and is also back with the powers of the ancient china insect!!

Spirit insect rangers and chinese insect ranger

The Spirit Insect Rangers and Gold Chinese Insect Ranger

Red Sword Insect Dick
Blue Apple Insect Kevin
Green Arrow Insect Peter
Yellow Light-bulb Insect Maple
White Tribal Insect Rubylereia
Gold Chinese Insect Ishtibal

Red Powerful Spirit Insect Ranger

Dick eventually gets the SUPER POWERFUL spirit orb that lets him turn powerful and beat the evil ghost insects!!

Powerful Spirit Red lnsect

Powerful Spirit Insect Ranger Dick

Shadow Music Insect Ranger

Shadow Hopper returns having after died in the last series because his robot body housing his insect soul was killed... BUT NOT FOR LONG since now he is back with his own spirit orb keeping his insect spirit alive and the power to turn into the shadow music insect ranger!


Shadow Insect Ranger

Shadow Music Insect Shadow Hopper

Legendary King Insect Spirit Ranger

the man of legend that appeared before them and gave them their insect spirits was non other then the insect ancient king from 10 billion years ago fred! fred is also but also swell as he has his own spirit insect orb that lets him morph into the king insect spirit ranger of legend.. hes powerful and the most ultimate ally the insect spirits have

Legendary King Insect Spirit Fred

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