Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy (2014 film)
A movie for Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
PRLG 2014 16 9 logo
Release date July 4, 2014 (original release)
November 5, 2014
TBA 2018 (Extended Edition)
Written by Anthony Marsh, Jr
Directed by Anthony Marsh, Jr
Produced by Koichi Sakamoto
Ryuta Tasaki
Isaac Florinetine
Johnathan Tzachor
Runtime 145 minutes (original cut)
167 minutes (Extended Edition)
Country United States
Language English
[[ Power Rangers Lost Galaxy: The Wrath of Trakeena (2019)]]

Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy (PRLG 2014, sometimes can be referred to as Power Rangers Lost Galaxy: The Reboot Fan-Film, Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy 2014 or Lost Galaxy 14) is a fan-film to the Power Rangers franchise, based on the 7th season of the franchise of the same name which was being pushed back 2 years later for a Summer 2014 release but later a November 2014 date. However, it has nothing to do with the actual TV series itself, it's a fan-film that is being completely and mostly written, co-produced and directed by Anthony Marsh, Jr . The film, part of a planned Trilogy, is set in a alternate timeline from the original series but incorperates content from Marsh's fan-fiction era of Power Rangers, known as the Marsh-Verse (or Power Rangers: Marsh-Verse ) and his point of view of how he sees the franchise in his personal perspective and It is obviously and eponymously based on its same season predecessor of the Power Rangers TV series that aired in 1999, adapted from the 1998 Super Sentai series Seijuu Sentai Gingaman, by Saban Entertainment (now known aparent as Saban Brands, inc.) on Fox Kids. Like both, The sentai source -its jungle forest concept- was never used. Marsh's take on Lost Galaxy also borrowed the "Space Opera" genre from its TV counterpart for the movie. The fanfilm was released to celebrate Lost Galaxy's 15th Anniversary in 2014 (the same year Power Rangers: Super Megaforce aired).

The story for the fan-film reboot revolves around  5 new adult individuals - consisting of Tony Marshall , Gwen McQueen , Will James , Browne Jones and Miranda Campbell - begin "their" journey as they retrieve the legendary 3,000+ year old Quasar Sabers to become to new Lost Galaxy Power Rangers while they also travel across the dark centers of space onboard the Terra Venture Mark II space colony. The main villain in this reboot film of the series is Lord Metarex the grand ruler of the Dark Galaxy and leader of the evil Zeon Empire, as he begins malicious conquest to destroy and conquer the entire galaxy.

It is the first Power Rangers fan-film - for its production medium - to require both mounting board-made Paper Puppets (with faces of some of the following movie and TV celebrities featured as the characters' likenesses) and Action Figures to represent as the film's characters and it is be the first Power Rangers fan-film to be animated in posterized animation and the fan-film is being edited on Sony Vegas Pro 10 and to be finalized by Windows Live Movie Maker. 

A sequel, Power Rangers Lost Galaxy: The Wrath of Trakeena , has been announced, and it is slated for a 2019 release. In 2015, an Extended Edition has been confirmed and it's likely that the Fan-Film will be rereleased sometime in 2018, leading to the anticipating release of Marsh's next Power Rangers Lost Galaxy Fan-Film.


In 2014, The Zeon Empire , attacks the planet Mirinoi . Terra Venture's military unit goes in on the offensive in Lazurus City, a desserted city (that oddly resembles any city in a mid-eastern village) being under attack by the Zeon. The empire's leader, led by the Dark Galaxy's own grand ruler Lord Metarex watches over the destruction as he oathes his speech on retaliating against those who dared to opposed him and his army 3,000 years ago in a battle that took place on Mirinoi. He boasts only the strong (regarding his army) would survive and the weak (regarding those who are good) should die and soon, in present day, he should rise and seek revenge against Terra Venture . Metarex even boasted for past centuries destroying every single planet across the galaxy as there is one powerful force that will soon withstand against him at all odds and when he will strike he and his army will destroy what remains of Terra Venture and the Power Rangers. 

Onboard the space colony of Terra Venture, the film introduces the 5 new individuals destined to become the new Galaxy Power Rangers - Tony Marshall , Will James , Miranda Campbell , Browne Jones and Gwen McQueen , as 5 five are destined to wield the power of the Quasar Sabers throughout their journey, whereas throughout the film, Tony spends half of his journey finding his brother Jesse Marshall , who fell victim in the chasm far beyond in a rescue mission that took place in Lazurus City courtesy by the doing of the villainous Villamax . The Rangers deal with Villamax's squad of Chromite Vipers to take out while Tony deals with Villamax himself until Villamax would then retreat from his first encounter with the Red Ranger, marking his words to him that the next time he meets him and his team he will get another chance of stealing the Rangers' Quasar Sabers, so that way the next time his next attempt of taking the sabers and giving them to Lord Metarex would please him so Metarex can resurrect what will soon-appear to be his ultimate weapon to destroy Terra Venture. 

Meanwhile, in a later battle, Villamax duels with the Rangers, for the Quasar Sabers. When the Rangers witness their first defeat, Villamax takes the opportunity to steal the Sabers. Refusing, Tony is captured by Villamax. With Tony captured, the other Rangers must go out to find, search and rescue him at the nearby Construction Site area in the Industral Dome.  Onboard the Zeon Fortress, Lord Metarex continues to get angered by Villamax's second failure of bringing the Quasar Sabers and the Transdaggers so that way he can revive Serpenterra. In spite so, Metarex demands him to go out to a nearby distant planet to find The Lights of Orion . Villamax finds it impossible. Metarex tells Villamax that if he makes one more failure streak, he would forever destroy him. Villamax vows not to fail his boss again but Metarex denies his promise. Metarex suggests to Villamax that he should team-up with Furio to find the Lights, but Villamax decides to find them solo.  On Terra Venture, Villamax heads to a nearby mountain formation to see if the Lights of Orion would be anywhere but no sign of them. When he appears by the cave entrance, Furio appears asking him he wants any help. With a score to settle, the two evil duo decides to find the Lights before the Power Rangers would ahead of time, with Villamax stating that they seem to have a plan in motion. 

In a cave entrance, Tony encounters Furio and the two fight. After the fight, Tony and Furio explode and later out of the cave is The Magna Defender . The Rangers are puzzled over the Magna Defender for saving him but Magna Defender refuses to accept their appreciation of saving Tony. Back on the Zeon Fortress, Furio meets up with Lord Metarex regarding Villamax's last failure and also hearing of Magna Defender's return which outrages Metarex. Metarex even swarn that back 3,000 years ago, he and his empire had defeated Magna Defender, killed his son Zika and destroyed his home world. 

Back on Terra Venture, Tony, Will and Browne discusses about the Magna Defender and Lord Metarex's plan, with Tony pointing out about that he somehow thinks that Magna Defender reminds him of Jesse in similar ways of saving him but the guys disagree. Tony then mentions that will what Metarex wants that the Rangers already retrieved, besides the Lights, is that Metarex wants to revive and reconstruct Serpentera, a powerful evil Zord that once belonged to Lord Zedd.  

As the Lights of Orion have appeared, the Rangers must race against time to stopFurio from retrieving them to give its power to Metarex to revive Serpenterra. Magna Defender interferes with the Rangers as he (like in the show) prevents them from claiming the Lights. Once the Power Rangers finally obtain them, they put their newly enhanched power to use to finish Furio off once and for all.

As Terra Venture, already with its military unit active in taking down the Chromite troops, begins to face its doom at the hands of Lord Metarex and his Zeon Empire (with Furio, Villamax and Treacheron already gone) without the planned use of Serpenterra, the Power Rangers head to the Mountain Dome to stop Magna Defender from exhausting the core of the dome with the Defender Torozord stabbing its Defender Staff into the crest of the dome's ground. The more power Magna Defender uses to lure Metarex away, it causes him to demorph out of Torozord and back to his normal size. The Rangers get Magna Defender to safety until a Chromite Viper soldier stabs Magna Defender in the back with a poisonous dagger. Tony rescues Magna Defender getting him to nearby safety while the other Rangers deal with the Chromite.

At a nearby mountain formation, Magna Defender and Tony engage in a conversation. Tony wants to wonder what is up with Magna Defender of his anger issues and his long personal vendetta toward the Zeon Empire until Magna Defender brings up to Tony about the opposable fate of Jesse. Tony overhears him at the moment. After relearning of the truth behind Jesse, Tony then realizes that Jesse is inside the Magna Defender's body since the Defender is close to dying as he must, for his final battle, to stop Lord Metarex. When Magna Defender abids Tony to pull out his Quasar Saber to kill him, he refuses. Tony then tells him that killing someone who is not evil is wrong and oathes as a Power Ranger, his duty is to protect Terra Venture, his friends, and the rest of the colony's inhabitants. After the discussion, which didn't go so well, Tony leaves Magna Defender in order to regroup with his friends as Magna must make a choice on his own of what he wants to do before his time of act of vengeance is over. 

While still at the Mountain Dome, the Rangers head to another nearby location where they will encounter for the first time with Lord Metarex. As the team stand by, the sky of the domes darken and starts to pour down heavy rain, foreshadowing Metarex's arrival to come and strike down the Power Rangers. Metarex's ship lands and now the battle between the Power Rangers and Lord Metarex begins. Each Ranger goes in on Metarex on his/her own defensive but sadly get knocked and beaten around by Metarex, who proves himself to the Rangers that he is far more powerful than they are as a team combined. Their first ever battle was proven to be unsuccessful.

With each of the Rangers down to the count, Metarex gets in closer to them. Tony tries to strike with one of his grapple shooters but Metarex stops him. Tony stands up to Metarex with valor and pride about if Metarex ever tries to destroy Terra Venture, the team's opportunity of saving it will/would end up in complete ruins. Browne and Will warns Tony not to make a sacrifice until Gwen reminds him about his brother. Metarex asks why should Tony listen to his friends, Tony replies not only they are his friends, they are his team and they must stand together to fight against evil especially from the likes of someone like Metarex himself. Tony and the others then mock Metarex of his unrightful name of "Grand ruler and conqueror of the Galaxy" knowing, for a long time (even Tony knows this), that Metarex wasn't really going to take the colony down pointing out that a whole time that he was nothing more than a mere joke. Metarex disagrees. After being humiliated by the Rangers, Metarex charges up in maximum power to obliterate them boasting once again that he has more power than he could ever imagine. Before Metarex bids goodbye to the Power Rangers, Tony and the others charge up to Metarex, bellowing "For........Terra...Venture!!!!" until the Magna Defender shows up to stop them. Metarex and Magna Defender counter blast each other.  Before Magna Defender goes after Metarex, he tells the Rangers he rather do this mission alone and leaves. 

Magna Defender and Lord Metarex's final battle begins. Before it, Magna Defender wants to sacrifice himself to bid his self-sacrifice as a tribute to Zika. The rest of Terra Venture's GSA military unit shuts down and defeats the Chromite soldiers from bringing more chaos to the colony. As the battle comes to a close, Lord Metarex and Magna Defender both die in battle. The Rangers reminscence Magna Defender's death, with Tony thinking since the Magna Defender did of course have Jesse's body, he might be gone and dead as well. Before the Rangers head back home, they discover that Jesse returns to them alive and well, with Tony and Will thinking he was gone forever but wasn't. With Jesse back, all 6 of the Rangers return back home to the main dome of Terra Venture. 

The film comes to a close with the following 3 scenes - Tony and Gwen reconsiling their relationship, Devin tells Tony about any future dangers coming by on Terra Venture and shows him about a "new menace" coming soon to be a potental threat as Tony looks in to it in the forseable future. He closes the film stating while about he and his team as Power Rangers it is their duty to save and protect Terra Venture from the forces of evil and "Where Destiny Takes Us, We'll never Know".


In a post-ending scene, Lord Metarex is placed in Terra Venture's Space Prison Facility for space alien criminals swearing that one day that the Power Rangers will pay for ridding him, his existance and his empire, until Scorpius (Marsh-Verse) [2]appears, meeting him for the first time in so long. Metarex recalls to Scorpius about the last time he saw or heard from him that he conquered a couple of planets. Scorpius is angrily disappointed at Metarex, despite his failed attempts to destroy the Power Rangers, for that, he will have someone to take them out when the time is right, which hints that Trakeena (Marsh-Verse) [3]will likely return, for the first time in a Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy Fan-Film, as most of this leads to what will be in store in the next chapter of the fan-film reboot series. 


Original Information/Story intention

Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy 2014 is set 15 years in the near but not too distant future after the actual series' final episode but this is a independent continuity as it will focus on a new group of 4 individuals (minus the one legendary beholder) to wield the mighty power of the legendary Quasar Sabers to become the next generation of Lost Galaxy Power Rangers, teaming with veteran Galaxy Ranger Leo Corbett (Wes Bentley) as they also enact in battles with a rising forthcoming reunited force of evil onboard their Terra Venture space colony, Mark II.

The film wasl tell a complete original untold back-side story of the Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy series starring mainly the 4 new chosen ones  and one created for Trakeena . It was going to have Leo, following his retirement of being the Red Ranger, be the mentor to this new team of Rangers - Tony Marshall, Browne Jones, AJ Weems (prior to either Thorne and Miranda in the Yellow Ranger position), Gwen McQueen and Will James -  , in Trakeena's favor of seducing him to join her to conquer Terra Venture, either her joins Trakeena to destroy Terra Venture and his Ranger team, or be with his friends to save the galaxy and defeat her for good. - This was for the audience and fans to decide. Plus, Trakeena, now in her mid age state and resurrected, in this film, unlike in the TV series, has developed a split-personality problem. She uses the two personalities (one being her usual evil self and the other being Irene " Tracendra " Lewis - a ballroom opera ballet dancer and the derranged obsessive stalker of Tony's) to seduce and stalk him, and aggressively manipulates him from being with his new Ranger friends. Trakeena/Tracendra's deverse plan also follows her will of alienating and seperating the Power Rangers at hand, causing them to turn against each other - That plot device will be used in The Wrath of Trakeena.

Half of the film's original pitch was going to ultilize certain plot elements from Seijuu Sentai Gingaman vs. Denji Sentai Megaranger, but was later scrapped in favor of the plot about the new Rangers dealing with Lord Metarex and his Zion Empire as the final story intention as progressed.


On July 20, 2012, after Power Rangers Lost Galaxy: The Rise of Trakeena has been terminated, the cast in the fan-film l consists big-name actors (excluding Marsh, who is just a regular person) to play the Power Rangers and their villains and allies, with the film set to star Wes Bentley as Tony Marshall , Don Cheadle as Browne Jones , Noomi Rapace as Gwen McQueen , and Marsh as his own character of AJ Weems. Rider Strong is still active to play Billy James in the film. The Rangers in this film are completely different from the ones from the actual Saban-produced series - Leo Corbett, Damon Henderson, Kendrix Morgan, Maya, and Kai Chen, altogether played by Danny Slavin, Reggie Rolle, Valerie Vernon, Cerina Vincent, and Archie Kao respectively - unfortunately, they will not be in this film since this is Marsh's reboot era of the same Power Rangers season because it was to be considered "The Untold Legacy", thus, they were be referenced in the film throughout. On August 25, 2012, actress and model icon Jerry Hall was to been presumed to be in fan cast as the Galaxy Rangers' most known enemy Trakeena after the character was originally to have the likeness of actress Patricia Heaton before production on the reboot would even begin. By January 2013, 9 months before filming started, Trakeena was removed from the film therefore she is being saved for the sequel. Reason was because Marsh felt that "there would be too many villains" so she was replaced with the reboot's villain Lord Metarex instead.


Production was be begin in June 2013 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. For post-production, This was going to be the first Power Rangers fanfilm to be complete shot in 3D but will also be available in both 2D and 3D formats, respectively. Due to limited production time, the film was shot in only the 2D format.

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  • This will be the first Power Rangers fan-film to be converted in 3D. However, it will remain in its usual 2D format.
  • This was going to be the first PR fanfilm to feature a Battlizer for the Red Ranger, but it was dropped, therefore it will likely appear in the next film.
  • Starting with this film, Leo and his friends and brother (Mike, Damon, Kendrix, Kai, and Maya) will not be in the reboot nor the new series. This is Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy - reimagined, which means new Rangers, a new take on familar fan-favorite villains (such as Villamax and Treacheron), renewal of the Galaxy powers, zords and lore and, most ultimately, a new Villain. It was been confirmed that the original Magna Defender makes an appearence in this film starting in the middle of it all the way to the climax.


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