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Power Rangers: Lost Year is a special episode dealing with Tommy Oliver and Jason Lee Scott discovering one year of time they didn't remember until now.


The Story begins with Jason suddenly having a memory of him using the Dragon Shield in the Red Dragon Thunderzord while Tommy has a memory of becoming the Green Ranger once more. The two meet in Angel Grove and suddenly get attacked by Putty Patrollers but are rescued by a mysterious hooded stranger who reveals himself to be Richie, Trini's crush from high school. He reveals to them that he is the Silver Brachio Ranger and a unknown force using the Zeo Crystal is reviving Dark Specter by using human sadness gathered by monsters. He gives them new Power Morphers and gives them the ability to activate the Dragonzord's and Titanus's Thunderzord forms.  The two confront the leader of the monsters, A brainwashed Lord Zedd and free him. He reveals to the two that Pyscho Red is the one behind reviving Dark Specter just as the other Psycho Rangers arrive to fight the two. They manage to defeat the Psycho Rangers with Jason using the Dragon Shield and the Dragon Dagger at full power.  They later confront Pyscho Red in the Moon Palace and defeat him at the cost of their zord's energies. The series ends with the two rangers overlooking a rebuilt command center and Dinozords.

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