Chapter 9 Title Card
Number 25 Chapters total
Number of episodes: 8-21 Episodes per chapter
First episode: Chpt1 Episode 1: "Chosen"
Last episode: TBA
Intro: for every chapter finale: Carry On My Wayward Son
Adapted from: Supernatural,Power Rangers & Super Sentai
Original airing: May 2014
Author: TheMarkOfKurt
Episodes published every Thursdays & Sundays
Production Order

****(9/16/18 UPDATE): Chpt9 Ep13: "Metafiction" has now been published!****

About The Series

Power Rangers: Omniverse is a P.R. fanfic series written and created by TheMarkOfKurt. The series will contain elements from the TV series "Supernatural". Unlike every other Ranger/Sentai series, Omniverse will solely focus on two main characters as they journey through being Power Rangers. There's no specific theme of Rangers in this series, as the protagonists are considered as "Legacy Rangers", wielding past Ranger powers. Omniverse will have a more mature tone towards the entire PR series but takes place within the same canon Ranger/Sentai universe. It will have a realism take on situations of killing monsters, avoiding the traditional way of destroying them. For the most part of the series, it will have heavy biblical influence to the storylines. The lore about God, Heaven, angels and between Lucifer, Hell, and demons. But most importantly, it's about the two main Ranger protagonists; Hunter & Kurt, overcoming all the obstacles that are thrown in their way, no matter the difficulties and hardships they face, that their strong bond of brotherhood and friendship will always prevail against everything in their path.

The series will have a full run of 25 chapters total, with the 25th chapter serving as the finale of the entire series. But there will be a spin-off series that will include the title "Wayward Sisters", revolving around an all female cast member that will have tie relations to one of the protagonists of the series.

Here are the following planned future chapters that I'll be incorporating to the series *note- the demon/angel story arc will eventually die down before Chpt15 and some of the latter chapters' titles (22-25) are still a working progress, they may change overtime but they're the definite ideas of stories that I'll be writing out for the series:

  • Chpt10 (The Curse of the Mark)
  • Chpt11 (Light and Darkness/An Eternal Love)
  • Chpt12 (The Secret Society)
  • Chpt13 (The Antichrist)
  • Chpt14 (The Invasion)
  • Chpt15 (Project DOOMSDAY: Revenge of the Society)
  • Chpt16 (Fury of the Enchantress)
  • Chpt17 (The Prophecy of Zelus)
  • Chpt18 (The New World Order/A Power Awakens)
  • Chpt19 (The Last Ranger)
  • Chpt20 (The Omniversal Cosmic Entity)
  • Chpt21 (The Immortal Phoenix)
  • Chpt22 TBA
  • Chpt23 (Kurt vs The Evil Dead)
  • Chpt24 (Darkness Rises:The Final Evil/Battle of the Gods Pt1)
  • Series Finale: Chpt25 (Battle of the Gods Pt2: Endgame/Until We Meet Again)
  • Spin-off Series: "Wayward Sisters: A Power Rangers Story"


Based on true events, the series follows about a young man chosen to become a Power Ranger and serve as one of Zordon's young warriors in a never-ending battle against all that is evil. Upon his journey, he partners up with another fellow Ranger named Hunter Winchester. And together they travel across the country in a 1967 Chevy Impala, investigating and combating the supernatural.

Chapter Story Arcs

Chapter 1: "The Curse of the White Ranger"

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Chapter 1 Title Card

(this chapter will soon undergo a full revision from each ep., as my writing back then wasn't as good as it is now. Chpt2 is where the journey begins for the main characters.)

Chapter 2: "The Hunt for Yellow-Eyes Pt1"

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Chapter 2 Title Card

Chapter 3: "The Hunt for Yellow-Eyes Pt2"

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Chapter 3 Title Card

Chapter 4: "The 66 Seals of Lucifer"

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Chapter 4 Title Card

Chapter 5: "The Apocalypse and the Rise of Lucifer"

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Chapter 5 Title Card


Chapter 6 Title Card

Chapter 6: "A Search for a New God"

Chapter 7: "The First Beast"

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Chapter 8 Title Card

Chapter 8: "The Trials of God"


Chapter 9 Title Card

Chapter 9: "False Paradise"



White Dino Ranger Kurt Mendoza
Titanium Ranger Hunter Winchester


(click on link above for all past/present allies of the series)

  • Chpt9 Allies
    • Angels
      • Castiel
    • Demons
      • Crowley

Main Villains

Supernatural Beings and Organizations

Primordial Entities

  • God/Zordon
  • Death, The Horseman
  • Third unknown Primordial Entity

Primordial Creations

The Kingdom of Heaven

Ruler of Heaven

  • God/Zordon [formerly. left at some point after he ordered Michael to cast Lucifer into Hell. Then took on the identity as Zordon to create and aid the Power Rangers on Earth]
  • The Archangel Michael [formerly in Chpt4-5, took command of Heaven after God left]
  • Castiel [formerly in Chpt 6]
  • Naomi [Chpt8]


Nephilim (angel/human hybrid)

  • Jane [Chpt8]

The Scribe of God

  • Metatron [Chpt8]

Prophet of the Lord

  • Chuck [Chpt4-5]
  • Kevin Tran [Chpt7-9]

Angels (click on link for complete list of angels from the series)

  • Normal Angels
    • Castiel [recurring role]
    • Gadreel/Ezekiel [Chpt9]
    • Bartholomew [Chpt9]
    • other angel grunts

The Demonic Forces of Hell

King of Hell

  • Lucifer [Original king/ruler of Hell]
  • Lilith [Queen in Chpt4]
  • Crowley [Chpt6-8, recurring role]
  • Abaddon [Queen in Chpt9]

Demons(click on link for complete list of demons featured in the series)


(click on link above for a complete list of all other monsters featured in the series)

Men of Letters

  • Known Members
    • Henry Winchester
    • Albertus Magnus
    • Various deceased elders

Ranger Arsenal, Weapons & Important Artifacts

Ranger Arsenal

  • Morphers (click on link for complete list of morphers featured in the series)
    • White Drago Morpher [Chpt1&5-8, Power has returned to Kurt during Chpt5]
    • Titanium Morpher [Chpt6-8, Kurt's during his 3 year period between the end of Chpt5 and the start of Chpt6 but given to Hunter to become the new Titanium Ranger]
  • Ranger Weapons
    • Baku Laser [Chpt7-8, in Kurt's possession]
    • Drago Sword (Kurt's)
    • Titanium Laser (Hunter's)

Other Weapons & Important Artifacts


Dino Stegazord [Chpt1&6]

  • White Drago Zord [Chpt1&6-7]
  • Stegozord [Chpt1&6]

Fearsome Beast, BakurenOh [Chpt7]

  • Fearsome Blastasaur, CarnoRyutus [Chpt7]
  • Fearsome Blastasaur, ChasmoShieldon [Chpt7]

Locations and Realms


  • Earth Prime (Kurt's homeworld, our Earth in real life)
  • The "Rangerverse" (the Ranger/Sentai Universe)
  • The "French Mistake-verse" (where Hunter and Kurt are actors instead of Rangers)
  • Dino Earth (origin Earth of the powers of the Dino Thunder Rangers/Abaranger)


  • Various Power Chambers in the Rangerverse
  • The Original MMPR Command Center
    • (underground) Men of Letters Bunker


Timeline of the Series

(note: the timeline in the Ranger-verse goes by faster than our time in the real world, due to time itself being corrupted in the Ranger-verse.)

R.T.=Ranger Timeline & A.D.=original "air date" event that happened in our Earth

  • Chpt1-3 [R.T.: 2014-2015, A.D.=2014]
  • Chpt4-5 [R.T.: 2015-2016, A.D.=2015-early 2016]
  • Chpt6-7 [R.T.:+3 years after Chpt5, 2019-2020, A.D.=2016]