The Return of Red
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Written by Samueljoo
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Power Rangers: Samurai: The Return Of Red is the tv special of Power Rangers: Samurai. This special quest of Scott Truman. He revealed he was survived in the explosion and saw Mentor Ji to revive him.


In the RPM, Scott battling Professor Cog with the Skyrev Megazord. However, only beaten by Professor Cog and escaped. Scott tell him to hunt him down.

At the Samurai, the Grinders are attacking the city and morph into Samurai Rangers. While too many, the RPM Red Ranger appeared and take out the Grinders.

After beating Grinders, he takes to Shiba House and look for the house. Scott explaination the robot survivor is Professor Cog, but he can't demorph because the poison gas in another dimension. When Samuel arrival however, but Scott confused. Shocked, Samuel isn't dead and he "alive" from the explosion. Samuel reuniting Scott from getting sacrificed by his life. Scott's computer contract Dr. K to see Samuel was alive inculding Peter, Sam, Freddy, Fabia and the others, but one of his wife was Eureka). When he explaination however, he can't go to RPM dimension that because Saya is looking for him and wants to kill him.

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