Power Rangers: Spy Ops
Number N/A
Number of episodes: 26
First episode: Spying Out (1)
Last episode: Calling All Spies (2)
Intro: Power Rangers: Spy Ops/Theme Song
Adapted from:
Original airing: N/A
Author: Talix
Production Order
Power Rangers: Ocean Charge
Power Rangers: X
Power Rangers: Spy Ops is the sixth series created by Talix. It follows three teenagers as they are mysteriously recruited to a high secret organization and turn into spy-like Power Rangers to battle an ruthless empire.


Venoville is a quiet suburban city where everything seems ordinary. However, when an evil organization known as MagaCorp is starting to corrupt the world with darkness, an elite squad of secret agents known as Gamma5 recruits an obnoxious guitar player, an shining high school basketball star, and an future fashion designer along with their unique personalities and espionage skills to become Power Rangers to defeat MagnaCorp and save the world.


Gamma5 Rangers

Color Role
Eagle Christian West
Condor Mercedes Diaz
Hawk DJ Jenkins

T.I.T.A.N Rangers

Color Role
Ruby Lewis
Sapphire Daphne
Emerald Hampton

Indigo Ranger

Color Role
Owl Commander Aden


  • Commander Aden - He is the commander of Gamma5 and mentor to the rangers. He is skillful in training Christian, DJ, and Mercedes the tricks of spying. He will later the rangers as the Indigo Ranger.
  • Dr. Willows - She is the creator of all Gamma5 technical weapons and rides, and she is mostly responsible for the Rangers' arsenal.
  • Captain Samuel T. Rogers- Commander of the T.I.T.A.N group
  • Skillz- He is one of Christian's best friends and is the lead drummer in the band, "The Hynoptics". A Bulk-like character.
  • Bonz - He is another one of Christian's best friends and is the second guitar player for "The Hypnotics". A Skull-like character.
  • Brooke- She is the most popular girl in school and the head of the cheerleading team. Since day one, she dislikes Mercedes and soon on becoming bitter rivals; she is soon competing against Mercedes for an intern spot for an fashion company.


  • Gamma Box (A sleek box-like tool that contains several modes)
    • Gamma Morphers: Rangers' primary mode that has two sub modes.
      • Morph mode
      • Undercover mode - allow each ranger to change into several different disguises.
    • Gamma Blades: Gamma Box's second mode that can change into sword-like weapons.
    • Gamma Tri-blasters: Gamma Box's third mode transforming into laser firers.
  • Gamma Riders: Ranger's motorcycles
  • Spy Scopes: Each ranger can access the scopes with while undercover; or in their ranger mode can access the scope from their helmet visor.
  • Spy Camera: Each ranger contains special cameras while they are undercover.
  • T.I.T.A.N Morphers: The T.I.T.A.N rangers' primary tool.
  • T-Sabers: Each T.I.T.A.N ranger contains a saber corresponding with their color.
  • Indigo Morpher: Indigo Ranger's primary tool.
  • Celestrial Rod: A powerful weapon which was gained by the Indigo Ranger in the 2-part episode, The Celestrial Case
  • Gamma Battlizer: Red ranger's battlizer weapon. Dr. Willows mentioned this was her proudest creation.


  • Gamma Megazord
    • Eaglezord
    • Hawkzord
    • Condorzord
  • Celestrial Megazord
    • Owlzord
    • Celestrial Rod
  • Predator Megazord
    • Falconzod
    • Vulutrezord
  • GammaMax Ultrazord
    • Gamma
    • Celestrial
    • Predator
  • T.I.T.A.N Megazord
    • T1 zord
    • T2 zord
    • T3 zord



  • Mr. Adrian Toomes/Magnatron-He has a split personality: CEO of one the most corrupted organization in the world and a sick-minded creature living inside of him.
    • Sally Rune/Sable- She is the secretary of MagnaCorp, yet she reveals her true self as a android warrior known as Sable; she is the second-in-command. She alongside with Trunks battles the rangers constantly.
    • Troop Victor/Trunks- He is the head security of MagnaCorp, yet his true self is an ape-like creature and is the third-in-command.
    • Rhaspodin - A sound baron/bounty hunter who tends to reappear a lot and proves to be a equal nuisance to Magnatron. (First appear in Raise the Noise)
    • Netdrones-are human security guards at MagnaCorp, yet reveal themselves as Magnatron's foot soilders.
    • Flurions-are the high forced super soldiers in Magnatron's army and is only use in emergencies.


Several of the monsters seen below used human disguises just like Magnatron and his generals, but are soon defeated in their monster form. Their monster forms have a second life resulting in them to grow huge.

  • Vrag (Spying Out 1-3)
  • Birdbrain (Watch the Birdie)
  • Steelbot (Stealing Wheels)
  • Yurain (Unknown Circumstantial)
  • Hoopster (Love and Basketball)
  • Matadron (When in Rome)
  • Impbot (Mistress of Disguise)
  • The Rage Brothers (Enter T.I.T.A.N and Dancing with Evil)
  • Dytox (War of the Rangers 1-2)
  • Omegus (The Leavers' Dance)
  • Largo (Summoning Indigo 1-2)
  • Hackerbot (The Celestrial Case 1-2)
  • Jasper (Ring Around the World)
  • Spinrella (Fashion Victimized)
  • Impostro (Until Proven Guilty)
  • Praxin (Downward Spiral)
  • Alpheus (Losing Earth 1-2)
  • Mad Mastra (The Mad Plan)
  • Nero (Monster Takeover)
  • Wadden (History Lesson)
  • Aris (Chain of Command 1-2)
  • Toadbot (Respect is Earned)
  • Golemhead (Desert Warriors)
  • Spiderbot (Loyalty)
  • Copperhead (Remember the T.I.T.A.N)
  • Chessbot (The Checkmate)
  • Magnabot (Calling All Spies 1)


  1. Spying Out (1)
  2. Spying Out (2)
  3. Spying Out (3)
  4. Watch The Birdie
  5. Stealing Wheels
  6. Unknown Circumstantial
  7. Love and Basketball
  8. Raise The Noise
  9. When In Rome
  10. Mistress of Disguise
  11. Enter T.I.T.A.N
  12. War of the Rangers (1)
  13. War of the Rangers (2)
  14. Gaining Hope
  15. The Leaver's Dance
  16. Banded Together
  17. Summoning Indigo (1)
  18. Summoning Indigo (2)
  19. The Celestrial Case (1)
  20. The Celestrial Case (2)
  21. Ring Around the World
  22. Fashion Victimized
  23. Dancing with Evil
  24. Until Proven Guilty
  25. Downward Spiral
  26. From Sapphire with Love
  27. Losing Earth (1)
  28. Losing Earth (2)
  29. The Mad Plan
  30. Rise of the Eagle (1)
  31. Rise of the Eagle (2)
  32. The Master Plan
  33. Monster Takeover
  34. History Lesson
  35. Seize from Within
  36. Chain of Command (1)
  37. Chain of Command (2)
  38. Respect is Earned
  39. Desert Warriors
  40. Exit Strategy
  41. Loyalty
  42. Remember the T.I.T.A.N
  43. The Checkmate
  44. The Endgame
  45. Calling All Spies (1)
  46. Calling All Spies (2)

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