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Power Rangers: Tune Rockers
Number ?
Number of episodes: 34
First episode: The Tune is Rocked, Part 1
Last episode: The Final Song, Part 3
Intro: Power Rangers: Tune Rockers/Theme Song
Adapted from:
Original airing: Summer 2012 - ???
Author: Pablo
Production Order

Power Rangers: Tune Rockers is a fanmade Power Rangers series made by PabloDePablo.


The band known as Lakeside Louder is in a normal town by a lake, and pretty normal themselves. However, one night, on the way to a instrument repair shop, they find an alien robot named Juko, who upgrades their old van and gives them the power to become the Tune Rock Power Rangers! They must fight the evil Ohpara who wish to destroy all music and eliminate emotion, and they must become a better team!


Guitar Tony
Drum Sal
Keyboard Justin
Ohpara Soprano





  1. The Tune is Rocked, Part 1
  2. The Tune is Rocked, Part 2
  3. Argumental Central
  4. The Fourth Morpher
  5. A Call To Adventure
  6. Enter Soprano, Part 1
  7. Enter Soprano, Part 2
  8. Beginning Beats
  9. It's Still Rocky And Rolling To Me
  10. A United Beat
  11. Mirror, Mirror
  12. Down By The Lake
  13. A Trip Down Under
  14. The Big Switcharoo
  15. Going Down In Flames, Part 1
  16. Going Down In Flames, Part 2
  17. The Grand Ohpara Fleet
  18. A Ranger Legacy
  19. Not Too Slow, Not Too Fast
  20. A Perfect Tempo
  21. The Final Measure, Part 1
  22. The Final Measure, Part 2
  23. A Silver Symphony Begins
  24. Old School or New School?
  25. The Masters Arrive
  26. Shoguns and Generals and Dragons, Oh My!
  27. Ultrazord's Ultimate Power
  28. (crossover with Power Rangers: Ultimately Wild)
  29. Begin The Strike
  30. The Battlizer Begins
  31. The Unofficial Ranger
  32. The Final Song, Part 1
  33. The Final Song, Part 2
  34. The Final Song, Part 3

Zords and Megazords

Shared Zords

TuneRock Van

The upgraded van of Lakeside Louder which forms the torso and head of Tune Megazord, and the torsos of HyperTuneDragon and HyperTuneCerebus. It also stores the other Zords, weapons, and Juko.

Red Guitar Ranger Zords


The starter Zord for Tony, which forms the arms and helmet for Tune Megazord, and the arm armor for the Tune Ultrazord.


The BeatSet Zord for Tony, which forms BeatTune Megazord's right arm cannon, and the left arm of the Tune Ultrazord.


The TempoSet Zord for Tony, which forms the left boot of TempoTune Megazord, and the right arm of the Tune Ultrazord.


The HyperTune Zord for Tony, which powers the HyperTune Battilizer and doubles as his Mastered Zord.

Blue Drum Ranger Zords


The starter Zord for Sal, which forms the left leg of Tune Megazord, and the upper left leg of the Tune Ultrazord.


The BeatSet Zord for Sal, which forms BeatTune Megazord's backpack, helmet, and shoulder cannons, and the Tune Ultrazord's left shoulder cannon.


The RhythmSet Zord for Sal, which forms TempoTune Megazord's right boot and the upper right leg of the Tune Ultrazord.


The Mastered Zord for Sal, which forms the ShogunTune Megazord's helmet, gong/shield, and baton, alongside the Tune Ultrazord's shields.

Yellow Keyboard Ranger Zords


The starter Zord for Justin, which forms the right leg of Tune Megazord, and the chest of Tune Ultrazord.


The BeatSet Zord for Justin, which forms the left arm cannon on the BeatTune Megazord, and the lower left leg of the Tune Ultrazord.


The TempSet Zord for Justin, which forms the helmet, shoulder pads, and battleaxe of the TempoTune Megazord, and the spikes on the back of Tune Ultrazord.


The Mastered Zord for Justin, which forms the GeneralTune Megazord's helmet and his duel sniper rifles.

Dark Ohpara Ranger Zords

Dark OperaZords Dark clones of all the Zords the rangers have.

Silver Symphony Ranger Zords


The starter zord for Mozart, which forms the armor of the SymphonyTune Megazord.


The HyperTune Zord for Mozart, which doubles as his Mastered Zord.


Tune Megazord

The default Megazord of the Tune Rock Rangers, with the MegaNote Saber and the MegaTreble Rifle.

BeatTune Megazord

Tune Megazord with BeatSet armor, and the Beat Barrage finisher.

RhythmTune Megazord

Tune Megazord with RhythmSet armor, and the Rhythm Revenge finisher.

SymphonyTune Megazord

Tune Megazord with SymphonyWolf armor.

ShogunTune Megazord

Tune Megazord with ShogunTurtle attached as a shield, baton, and a new helmet, and the Ancient Shogun finisher.

GeneralTune Megazord

Tune Megazord with GeneralEagle attached as two sniper rifles, a jetpack, and a new helmet. It also has the Ancient General finisher.

Tune Ultrazord

The fusion of all the Zords (sans HyperTuneDragon and HyperTuneCerebus), with the


Shared Weapons

Note Saber

A blade with a hilt shaped like an upside-down 'A' note.

Treble Rifle

A rifle shaped like a treble clef.

TuneRock Cannon

The combined form of the TuneGuitar, the TuneDrums, and the TuneKeyboard.

SymphonicTune Bazooka

The TuneRock Cannon fused with the SymphonyFlute and SymphonyTrumpet.

Shared Vehicles

TuneRock Van

(see the Zords and Megazords section)

Shared Power-Ups

Mastered Musician Mode

The mode unlocked once a Tune Rock Ranger realizes their full potenial. This gives the suit a longcoat and gold trim on the gloves, boots, and visor.

Red Ranger Weapons


A guitar which splits into two large guns. It forms the main laser and handle of the TuneRock Cannon and the SymphonicTune Bazooka

HyperTune Guitar

A guitar which splits into either two large guns or two large swords. It is only utilized when Tony uses the HyperTune Battlizer.

Red Ranger Power-Ups

HyperTune Battlizer

A Battlizer powered by the HyperTuneDragon. It uses Mastered Musician Mode as a base, but turns the longcoat gold with a red flame-like trim, adds a chestplate shaped like a dragon head, gold gloves and boots, and a flame design around the visor. It also adds thrusters on the back of the suit.

Blue Ranger Weapons


A pair of bongo drums which can become boxing gloves. It forms engines on the TuneRock Cannon and the SymphonicTune Bazooka.

Yellow Ranger Weapons


An electric keyboard which becomes a sword. It forms the secondary lasers on the TuneRock Cannon and the SymphonicTune Bazooka.

Ohpara Ranger Weapons

Dark OperaClones

Dark clones of the team's weapons.

Ohpara Ranger Power-Ups

Rage of Ohpara

A power-up which gives Soprano armor and a cape. It is only used twice in the series.

Ohpara Ranger Vehicles

The Renaissance

An Ohpara spaceship.

Silver Ranger Weapons


A flute which can become a thin sword. It splits in half and forms the generator for the SymphonicTune Bazooka.


A trumpet which becomes a gun. It forms the boosting section of the SymphonicTune Bazooka.

Silver Ranger Vehicles

Canine Cycle

A motorcycle with the front shaped like a wolf head.

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