This series is abandoned and has not been edited for over 6 months now. If you want to adopt it put in a request here.
Power Rangers: V
Number 3
Number of episodes: ?
First episode: ?
Last episode: ?
Intro: Power Rangers: V/Theme Song
Adapted from: ?
Original airing: ?
Author: Barraki670
Production Order
Power Rangers: Wild Patrol
Power Rangers: Cryptid Force
The 2nd fanon Power Rangers season created by Barraki670. This is a martial arts motif.


A research station is bombarded by unknown aliens. The heads of the teams, the Taylors, are abducted. Their 5 children are genetically enhanced for events like this to happen. They are each given morphers. During 2018, the same aliens, the Serpents, invade Earth again. Using their morphers, the 5 siblings become the Power Rangers: V.


Samurai Richard Taylor
Ninjutsu Barry Taylor
Kung fu Brett Taylor
Karate Ying Taylor
Fencing Patricia "Pat" Taylor


Farkas Bulkmeier

Eugene Skullwitch

Spike Skullwitch

Power Rangers: Wild Patrol

Derek/Red Wild Patrol Ranger

Morgan Kristen/Blue Wild Patrol Ranger

Alvin "Al" Richardson/Green Wild Patrol Ranger

Robert Kristen/Yellow Wild Patrol Ranger

Sheila Jones/Pink Wild Patrol Ranger

Stanford Mason/Black Wild Patrol Ranger

Gordon Mason/White Wild Patrol Ranger






Bites - Pit viper-like foot soldiers


V Morpher - what the Taylor siblings use to morph.

Samurai Sword - Richard's signature weapon.

Ninjutsu Blades - Barry's signature weapons.

Kunf fu Nunchucks - Brett's signature weapons.

Karate Fists - Ying's signature weapons.

Fencing Saber - Pat's signature weapon.


Red Jet Zord (Richard/Red)

Blue Tank Zord (Barry/Blue)

Black Drill Zord (Brett/Black)

Yellow Dozer Zord (Ying/Yellow)

Pink Copter Zord (Pat/Pink)

V Megazord


1. Sepents Invade

2. Truth

3. Call of the Wild

4. Countdown to the Core

5. Good-Bye, Snakes

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