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Power Rangers: Wild Patrol
Number 1
Number of episodes: 52
First episode: Ranger Dawn, Part 1
Last episode: Lord Zedd's End
Intro: Power Rangers: Wild Patrol/Theme Song
Adapted from: ?
Original airing: ?
Author: Barraki670
Production Order
Power Rangers: V
This is the first fanon Power Rangers season created by Barraki670. This is an animal motif.


An alien race of robots (separate from the Machine Empire) invaded Earth, and enslaved its inhabitants in the year 65,000,000 B.C. One of their experiments, an Archaeopteryx codenamed Avix, broke free from his capters and hyper-evolved. He convinced one of their drones, Beta 1, to flee, but not before placing a bomb in their mothership, which then crashed into what is now the Gulf of Mexico. The cost was the extinction of the dinosaurs.

But one day, the robots - with Lord Zedd as their de facto leader - also led by Circuitry invade Earth again in 2017. Avix then comes out of hiding, and recruits 5 high schoolers to become the Power Rangers: Wild Patrol.


Lion Derek
Dolphin Morgan Kristen
Elephant Alvin "Al" Richardson
Cheetah Robert Kristen
Zebra Sheila Jones
Black Leopard Stanford Mason
Snow Leopard Gordon Mason



Beta 1

Farkas Bulkmeier

Eugene Skullwitch

Spike Skullwitch


Lord Zedd





Bolts - the Robot's foot soldiers

Srewloose - a very dumb and goofy Bolt



Rito Revolto






Animal Morpher - what the core Rangers use to morph.

Leopard Morpher - what the Mason twins use to morph.

Lion Sword - Derek's signature weapon.

Dolphin Daggers - Morgan's signature weapons.

Elephant Axe - Al's signature weapon.

Cheetah Lance - Robert's signature weapons.

Zebra Bow - Sheila's signature weapon.

Fire Cannon - Stanford's signature weapon.

Ice Cannon - Gordon's signature weapon.


Main Zords

Red Lion Zord (Derek/Red)

Blue Dolphin Zord (Morgan/Blue)

Green Elephant Zord (Al/Green)

Yellow Cheetah Zord (Robert/Yellow)

Pink Zebra Zord (Sheila/Pink)

Black Leopard Zord (Stanford/Black)

White Leopard Zord (Gordon/White)

Auxiliary Zords

Crimson Eagle Zord

Cyan Stingray Zord

Teal Rhinoceros Zord

Orange Cougar Zord

Purple Gazelle Zord


Wild Patrol Ultrazord

Wild Patrol Megazord

Auxiliary Megazord

Leopard Megazord


Zord Quest Arc

1 & 2. Ranger Dawn

3. Megazord

4. Stingray

5. Gazelle

6. Cougar

7. Rhinoceros

8. Eagle

Leopard Ranger Arc

9. Call of the Leopard

10. Weight

11. Mind

12. Invisible

13. New

14. Memory

15. Homesick

16. Worries

17. Inside

18-20. Power of the Leopard Rangers

Werewolf Arc

21-30. Werewolf

Animal Stone Arc

31 & 32. Map

33. Gazellestone

34. Zebrastone

35. Cougarstone

36. Cheetahstone

37. Rhinostone

38. Elephantstone

39. Stingraystone

40. Dolphinstone

41. Eaglestone

42. Lionstone

Finale Wars Arc

43. Dragonfly

44. Spider

45. Mantis

46. Lobster

47. Stag Beetle

48-50. Back to the Past

51. Infiltration

52. Lord Zedd's End

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