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Number of episodes: TBA
First episode: Prologue
Last episode: TBA
Intro: Power Rangers: Yokai/Theme Song
Adapted from: Tenma Sentai Yokaiger
Original airing: January 26, 2012
Author: WolfsbaneX
Production Order
"As Karakasa has waged war on the humans, so will others. It is our duty to keep the peace! Power Rangers...Yokai!"
—Yokai Rangers

Power Rangers: Yokai is a newly-begun fanfiction by WolfsbaneX set in 2011, "based on" the Sentai Tenma Sentai Yokaiger, and the companion fic of Power Rangers: Team Troubles.  It is set in Universe Phi.


An evil animated parasol has waged war on humans with his Tsukumogami. Five humans reincarnated from five yokai must now use the powers of their past lives to keep them at bay.



Designation Name
Kitsune Maya Foxman
Kappa River Manning
Ushi-Oni Stanford Spyder
Okami Wolf Baren
Tengu Sumisu Yoko



The villains, including Karakasa himself, are Japanese demons known as Tsukumogami.


  • Forklift Monster
  • Abumi-Guchi


  • Kitsune Fan
  • Kappa Chain
  • Ushi-Oni Kanabo
  • Okami Claws
  • Tengu Yari


  • Fox
  • Turtle
  • Bull
  • Wolf
  • Tsubasa


Yokai Episode List
# Episode Title Upload Date Summary
1. Prologue 26 January 2012 In the year 1823, Sumisu Daizo and the Yokai face off against Karakasa.
2. Mysterious Tattoos, Part 1 3 March 2012 (est) In 2011, Daizo sends out five power symbols to find the reincarnations of the Yokai, as Karakasa is revived.
3. Mysterious Tattoos, Part 2 6 June 2012 The team recovers from their first fight, and return to take on the Tsukumogami with their new powers.
4. The Mediator 6 August 2014 A new enemy, Bakeneko, arrives as River tries to figure out his place in the team.


  • The kanji for love (愛) was chosen for the morpher tattoo after mulling it over between it, the kanji for each one's Yokai incarnation, and the "element" said Yokai were associated with.
  • Maya's combat magic incantation, "Trick in the Rice Field," is an allusion to the two different types of Kitsune, the first of which are just tricksters, the second which are servants of Inari, the Shinto deity of rice. River's is an allusion to the kappa's trend of drowning people.

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