Power Rangers Animal Defense
Number 1
Number of episodes: ?
First episode: ?
Last episode: ?
Intro: Power Rangers Animal Defense/Theme Song
Adapted from: ?
Original airing: ?
Author: UnderFist
Production Order
Power Rangers Jurassic Patrol
Power Rangers Animal Defense (abbreviated PRAD), is the first series created by UnderFist.


Power Rangers Animal Defense is a series about six teens who one day find crystals in a cave. They take the crystals back to their house. Then, that night, the crystals glow, and they turn into their morphers. The Rangers had heard about morphers, so they knew they were the new Power Rangers.

Wild Force Rangers

Old Wild Rangers

Lion Cole Evens 

Taylor Earhardt

Shark Max Cooper
Bison Daniel Delgado
Tiger Alyssa Enrilé
Wolf Merrick Baliton

New Wild Rangers

Elephant Eric
Kangaroo Joe
Gorilla Nick
Puma Danielle
Leopard Alyssa
Peacock Jason
Snake Shane



This is a list of the episodes of Power Rangers Animal Defense:

  1. Animal Power-Part 1
  2. Animal Power-Part 2
  3. Lord Of The Planet



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