Animal Squad
Number 35
Number of episodes: ?
First episode: ?
Last episode: ?
Intro: Power Rangers Animal Squad (Greencosmos)/Theme Song
Adapted from: Choujuu Sentai Liveman
Original airing: 2018
Producer Saban Brands
Author: Greencosmos
Production Order
Power Rangers V-Force
Power Rangers Flight Squad

Power Rangers Animal Squad is a fanfiction series based on Choujuu Sentai Liveman.


5 teenagers must use the powers of Earth's mightiest animals to save the planet from the clutches of evil. Later they are joined by a sixth Ranger, the White Tiger Ranger.


Animal Name Ranger
Falcon Drake Red Ranger
Dolphin Tina Blue Ranger
Lion Franklin Yellow Ranger
Rhinoceros Paul Green Ranger
Bison Cooper Black Ranger
Tiger Brody White Ranger



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