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Power Rangers Animal Warriors
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Power Rangers Animal Warriors is a animated spin-off series of Power Rangers Jungle Fury.


The Story begins with three students of Pai Zhua working on a new Zord but before they can complete, the school is attacked by multiple Rinshi who capture the other students and depower the teachers with Rinzin techniques. The Rinshi's leader appears: A cybernetic warrior called Negazorg who summons a monster called Jellicus to attack the students. However, the three channel their animal spirits into their Tiger Claws and morph into Power Rangers.  Later, the team is joined by 2 reckless students of Jarrod along with Camille  However, The zord they were working on is stolen by Negazorg and used to create the Dark Animal Spirits who transform into the Dark Spirit Rangers.


Red Lion Ranger- Sam Foster

Yellow Yak Ranger- Amy Pendragon

Blue Gorilla Ranger- Bo "Blaze" Truman

Black Hawk Ranger- Taka "Taka-kun" Anderson

White Tiger Ranger- Maya Anderson

Green Chameleon Ranger- Camille

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