Power Rangers Conspiracy Force
Number 2
Number of episodes: TBD
First episode: TBD
Last episode: TBD
Intro: Power Rangers Conspiracy Force/Theme Song
Adapted from: Misuteri Renja Inbō
Original airing: 2006-2008
Author: Fireurchin
Production Order
Power Rangers Crime Busters
Power Rangers: Monstar

Power Rangers Conspiracy Force is the second installment in a series by Fireurchin. The season was originally created by an anonymous editor, but has since been adopted by Fireurchin.


A alien called Reptos has established a base on the dark side of moon to collect a strange substance called Vril which has magical properties which could either be used for good or evil. However, after Reptos utilizes a massive amount of Vrill to create planet-destroying monsters, the reformed Lord Zedd manages to steal a large amount of Vril and escape with it to earth. He is chased down by Reptos's footsoldiers until 5 teens interfere in the fight and Zedd uses the Vril to create 5 Vril Morphers. The teens use the morphers to transform and trounce the footsoldiers. The teens go on to fight Repto's monsters as the Power Rangers Conspiracy Force under Zedd's guidance. They later encounter resistance from the United States goverment who send the Men In Black to attack them.


Conspiracy Force Red Joe Smithson
Conspiracy Force Pink Amy Smithson
Conspiracy Force Blue Hiro
Conspiracy Force Yellow Samantha
Conspiracy Force Black Cole

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