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Power Rangers Defense Knights
Number ?
Number of episodes: ?
First episode: ?
Last episode: ?
Intro: Power Rangers Defense Knights/Theme Song
Adapted from:
Original airing: ?
Author: Anonymous
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During the Middle Ages, a band of Skeleton Warriors came and attacked medival Europe. All hope was nearly lost, until five brave knights stopped the skeletons and sealed them away. In the present, the Skeleton Warriors return, and now five new knights must stop them once more. A powerful king gives them the courage to take on the mantle of the knights, becoming Power Rangers Defense Knights!

Knight Rangers

Fire Knight Carter Weston
Water Knight David Dennison
Wind Knight Eric Gabel
Lighting Knight Josepine Abbey
Flower Knight Mary Beth
King Isaac VII


  • Kyle Seth
  • Lady Missentry

Skeleton Warriors

  • Skeleton King Borous
  • Skeleton Queen Boracia
  • Skeleton Jack Destroyacus
  • Skeleton Footsoldiers


  • Shield Defense Morpher
  • Defense Scepter
  • Defense Sword
  • Defense Goblets

Vehicles & Zords

  • D.R.V. - Defense Ranger Vehicle
  • Defense Megazord
    • Fire - Defense Dragon
    • Water - Defense Dolphin
    • Wind - Defense Griffin
    • Lightning - Defense Panther
    • Flower - Defense Collie
  • RoboKing
    • King - Royal Helicopter
    • King - Ceremony Castle
  • Defense Megazord + RoboKing = Super Defense Megazord


  • All Ranger colors are guessed, since the original author did not specify.

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