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Power Rangers Dragon Force
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Number of episodes: 22
First episode: Day of the Dragons
Last episode: Dragon Power
Intro: Power Rangers Dragon Force (Red Duel Version)/Theme Song
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Author: Anonymous
Red Duel
Production Order
Power Rangers Lightning Express (Red Duel Version)
Power Rangers New Generation (Red Duel Version)

Power Rangers Dragon Force is a series created by an anonymous user and picked up by Red Duel.


A long time ago in another dimension, dragons lived in a peaceful world. Soon Dragacon appeared to kill all of the dragons but Ben who was the strongest human in Dragonverse was able to stop him. So Dragacon went through a portal to Earth, so the king and his cybernetic son followed him. The two dragons chose seven teenagers to become Power Rangers, though initially they thought it was a joke.

Later they are joined by Ben when he is transported from the Dragonverse to destroy Dragacon as the new white ranger.

Dragacon steals the Rangers powers when he finds an ancient inscription that was pasted on through a family who were allies of the dragons from Earth and he captured Chris and Ben because they hold the key to destroy him.



Red Dragon Chris
Blue Dragon James
Green Dragon Sally
Yellow Dragon Maria
Pink Dragon Mary
Gold Dragon Paul
Black Dragon Tim
White Dragon Ben


  • Drago - King of the Dragons and twin brother of Dragacon.
  • Draco - Son of King Drago, prince of the Dragons, and nephew of Dragacon.
  • Drasil - Deceased Queen of the Dragons wife of King Drago, and mother of Draco. She was killed by Dragacon.


  • Dragacon - The evil twin brother of Drago. He wants all the power of the ancient dragon spirits that were given to the rangers so he can revers time so the Dragonverse will be in eternal darkness.



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