Lost Power Rangers
Number 7
Number of episodes: ?
First episode: ?
Last episode: ?
Intro: Power Rangers Dyna Force/Theme Song
Adapted from: Kagaku Sentai Dynaman
Original airing: 1984-1985
Producer Saban Brands
Author: Reynoman
Production Order
Power Rangers Super Force
Power Rangers Bio Storm

Power Rangers Dyna Force was the seventh season of the Lost Power Rangers series. It's what could've been based on Kagaku Sentai Dynaman before they made the parody seven years later.




Red Wallace Hogarth
Black Henry Loman
Blue Francis Walsh
Yellow Casey Miller ► Courtney Norris
Pink Sloan Rose


  • Dr. Professor: An ally to the heroes And Eva
  • Eva:ReinCarnation of Eve herself one of the last inhabits of The garden of eden


  • Bernie Tanaka, jr.: Son of the parody villain Bernie Tanaka.
  • Mel: Son of Mel Fujitsu a outcast prince later dark knight.
  • Demoness: Mistress of evil and can take any demonic form she wants.
  • True Leader: Simply called the true leader. Also called Nigel First Seen as a Giant Snake but later in the series become a samurai like warlord with 8 Talis:
  • Hisslings:Lizard like soldiers with short tails.
  • Snake Wrenches: Female Followers of Demoness.



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