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Welcome to Power Rangers Fanon, The #1 Power Rangers Fan Fiction site on Wikia.

Welcome to the Power Rangers Fanon wiki! Here you can create your own series, episodes, or rangers based on both Power Rangers and Super Sentai. We have over 10,156 pages here so make sure to hop in and create your own but only if you're 13 or older.

Featured Series of the Month


Power Rangers Anime is the featured series for April 2016. It was created by User:CureKurogane. For many years, anime has dominated the Earth since the 1990s and have entertained many young fans from every country around the world. However, what they didn't know is that there is a world were all anime characters live peacefully. Set in an alternate universe, different anime worlds have lived separately in harmony until the New Year rang and everything changed. Soon, all of the different worlds came together and formed into one massive world, where all of the characters were encountered by one another. At first, it was a bit shocking, but soon after everyone got along well, while some didn't and everything soon went the way it was like it had before the creation. However, when it comes to having a new world, there is someone out there to gain control. Sensing the new creation of the anime world, a dark man known as Berserk attacked the world without any warning. His attack was so big, many lives were put in danger or taken tragically. Many of the characters were gifted with powers or fighting skills, but they were no match for Berserk. Not even the magical girls like the Sailor Senshi or the Pretty Cure can beat him. All hope was lost for this world until one man, a wizard named Makarov Dreyar and used all of his power to defeat Berserk, saving the Anime World from destruction. But that doesn't mean the battle is over....

After Berserk's first defeat, Makarov uses his last amount of magic to create a secret base in the Fairy Tail guild to keep an eye on what was going to happen... and he had already planned on what he will do when Berserk attacks once again. Which will involve five young anime characters with attitude, and five Morphers that will allow them to fight.

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Featured Series of the Year

Power Rangers Shape Madness logo

Power Rangers Shape Madness is the featured series for 2015. Power Rangers Shape Madness was created by FutureBeetle.

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