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Welcome to Power Rangers Fanon, The #1 Power Rangers Fan Fiction site on Fandom.

Welcome to the Power Rangers Fanon wiki! Here you can create your own series, episodes, or rangers based on both Power Rangers and Super Sentai. We have over 13,169 pages here so make sure to hop in and create your own but only if you're 13 or older.

Featured Series of the Month

Power rangers space voyagers logo project by bilico86-d8d2p1b
Power Rangers Space Voyagers is the featured series for March 2017. It was created by Starlina. 30 years after the In Space saga in 2028 the evil aliens arrived on a dangerous space ship to attack the universe This time an evil Space Empress name Galactica is on the rampage to conquer the universe including Earth. A new team of 5 teen cadets from Earth who are aboard the on an orbiting space station are chosen as the new Power Rangers to combat this new threat to the universe.

Vote for next month's series.

Featured Series of the Year

Power Rangers Treasure Hunt logo

Power Rangers Treasure Hunt is the featured series for 2016. It was created by User:Future Beetle. The evil overlord Elemental Emperor has split into quarter elemental tribe leaders Flamestar, DevilMerman, Stormar and Quakelord who were trying to take the jewels from Treasure Shrine, but they were sealed away by the guardians. Thousands years laters, Flamestar, DevilMerman, Stormar and Quakelord escapes the their respective prisons and then they began to conquer the world. Shortly after the threat, the 5 teens are ready to finish the job to become Power Rangers fight a new threat.

Around the Wiki

Check out all of the series here.

See all of the different Rangers created here.

Fanmade or Adapted we have tons of Zords.

These Mecha can destroy any giant foe so check out some of these...

Without these guys who would our heroes fight?

Some of these can be for real shows or fan fictions but they still rock!

Check out these cool videos uploaded for some of our shows!

See some of these pics created by fans just like you!

Recent Activity

Here are the newest edits to our wiki..

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Ideas Wiki

If your series is not an actual series aka a series with either actual episodes (that aren't stubs), descriptions of episodes, or tons of information about the series then it is an idea. All ideas posted on Power Rangers Fanon are moved to the Ideas Wiki. So if you have an idea and not a series, post it there.


If you want to create your own ranger, series, zord, megazord, weapon, or episode here is an easy way to get started.


  • 13,169 articles since August 7, 2008.
  • 14,933 files uploaded.
  • 96 active users this month.

Need Help?

If you need help you should speak to one of our admins who can help you in no time with setting up an account, creating a page, blog, or fourm, or getting onto chat. They can also help with banning people, fixing edits, deleting pages, or correcting anything.

If you're brand new make some edits to your user page to tell them what you like and who you are.

If you want to read the rules of the wiki check out our rules page.

If you need to delete a page just post it the deletion page for an admin to remove.



This wiki is a place for Fan Fiction and not for canon (meaning official) series/weapons/characters unless you are using them in your series. If you want to add stuff about real episodes, series, characters, zords, etc from Power Rangers then go to RangerWiki, the official Power Rangers wiki and add them there NOT here.

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