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Welcome to Power Rangers Fanon, The #1 Power Rangers Fan Fiction site on Wikia.

Welcome to the Power Rangers Fanon wiki! Here you can create your own series, episodes, or rangers based on both Power Rangers and Super Sentai. We have over 8,559 pages here so make sure to hop in and create your own but only if you're 13 or older.

Featured Series of the Month

Atomic Force
Power Rangers: Atomic Force is the featured series for July 2015. It was created by WolfsbaneX. Five years ago, an alien called Gelato started his conquest of Earth. He sent battalions of his Gel Troopers to destroy city after city, all of whom defended themselves to no avail. This continued until, in a place called Five Hills, Dr. Adrian Fisher created the Proton Stinger, a laser charged with protons. The weapon was effective and could easily take out a full battalion. Dr. Fisher was pleased with his work, but a traitor stole the Proton Stinger and its prints before it could be duplicated. The doctor fell into a state of distress until he stumbled upon the Morphing Grid. With his knowledge of nuclear mechanics, he infused its power with the three parts of the atom, creating the Red, Blue, and Green Atomic Morphers. He now looks for three worthy enough to operate them.

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Featured Series of the Year

Astro Blast logo

Power Rangers Astro Blast is the featured series for 2014. Power Rangers Astro Blast is a 2013 series created by 146Chris. It tells the story of Dan, Mason, Cole, Kayla, and Sam who are collage students in Millennium City who work part time at the ASRS (American Space Research and Study) that use the power of the space to transform and fight the Extractors, an alien army who has already taken over billions of planets. This happens in a universe where no other Power Rangers have existed.

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If you want to create your own ranger, series, zord, megazord, weapon, or episode here is an easy way to get started.


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