Power Rangers Galatic Force
Number ?
Number of episodes: ?
First episode: ?
Last episode: ?
Intro: Power Rangers Galatic Force/Theme Song
Adapted from: ?
Original airing: ?
Author: Runwaygirl20
Production Order


Former Power Rangers Susie Gold, Jon Phillips, and Anna Thomas and two teenage girls; child prodigy, Jocelyn Phillips and high school cheerleader, Kayla Thomas join forces to become Power Rangers and help save the Earth from mutant villains who traveled back in their timeline to alter history.


Bird Name Ranger
Hawk Susie Red Ranger
Swallow Kayla Blue Ranger
Owl Anna Yellow Ranger
Swan Jocelyn Pink Ranger
Condor Jon Black Ranger
Eagle Eli White Ranger


  • Ryan - Meddron is the new mentor to the power rangers and is friends with Orvon. Once Orvon retired, he gave his mentoring powers to Meddron so he could help the new rangers through battles.
  • Ellie Richardson - Kayla's classmate and rival at San Angeles High.
  • Robbie Richardson - Ellie's twin brother and sidekick. He has a crush on Jocelyn


  • Kreeks - Kreeks is the main villain in Power Rangers Galactic Force. He is half human and half mutant insect. He was human before until a monster turned him and his friend into monsters themselves. He also has super strength that Meddron has never seen before.
  • Zeenon - Zeenon was Kreek's friend when they were human. But once they were turned into evil monsters, they turned on each other to see who would rule the Galaxy. Now each have evil headquarters.
  • Monsorus - Monsorus was the one who turned Kreeks and Zeenon into monsters. He mainly mentors Kreeks on how to be evil so one day they can both rule the Galaxy and send the entire world into fear and sadness.
  • Ella - Ella is Zeenon's friend when they were human and now when they are each monsters. Ella was also a victim of Monsorus's evil doing and was turned evil just like Zeenon and Kreeks.


  • Galactic Morphers (Red, Black, Blue, Yellow, Pink)
  • Speed Riders (Red, Black, Blue, Yellow, Pink)
  • Galactic Sabers (Red, Black, Blue, Yellow, Pink)
  • Millenium Board (Red)
  • Battilizer Mode (Red)
  • Ultra Spirit Mode (Red, Black, Blue, Yellow, Pink)
    • Ultra Cougar Mode
    • Ultra Alligator Mode
    • Ultra Eel Mode
    • Ultra Coyote Mode
    • Ultra Vulture Mode
  • Power Daggers (Black, Blue, Yellow, Pink)
    • Alligator Daggers (Black)
    • Eel Daggers (Blue)
    • Coyote Daggers (Yellow)
    • Vulture Daggers (Pink)
  • Galactic Power Strike (Red, Black, Blue, Yellow, Pink)
    • Cougar Smash (Red)
    • Alligator Whip (Black)
    • Eel Shock (Blue)
    • Coyote Bite (Yellow)
    • Vulture Storm (Pink)

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