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Power Rangers HTF
Number ?
Number of episodes: ?
First episode: ?
Last episode: ?
Intro: Power Rangers HTF/Theme Song
Adapted from: ?
Original airing: ?
Author: Anonymous
Production Order
Power Rangers Happy Tree Force(or HTF) is the crossover season in the Power Rangers Saga.


When 10 Tree Friends recieve an important message from an unknown source, they find themselves in the world of demonic creatures out to destroy all of the animal race, bickering creatures, exchilerating fights and spandex!


  • Nica Lorber as Flaky: a timid, red porcupine who, when put to the test, can overcome any challenge, however hopeless the situation may be.
  • Francis Car as Russell: this blue otter has a big secret to keep, but won't give up on his friends no matter what.
  • Warren Graff as Toothy: a sharp-skilled, extreme karate fighter who loves to fight.
  • Lori Lee as Petunia: a tomboyish, purple skunk who isn't afraid to face danger, whether it's tough or just annoying.
  • Michael "Lippy" Lippman as Nutty: A laughaholic, sugar-obsessed green squirrel who puts all his energy into fighting (when he's not chugging sweets down his throat!).
  • Kenn Navarro as Cuddles: a rebellious, yellow rabbit who hates to be called a bunny and doesn't knw the meaning of quit...or know, he should really look up a dictionary...
  • Kenn Navarro as Flippy: a jerky, ex-veteran bear who loves to fight, be a jerk and drive a car.
  • Mime: a silent deer with a pure heart. Maybe too pure of a heart, as he prefers to talk (or in his case "mime") rather than fight.
  • Kenn Navarro as Lifty & Shifty: these two former minions of Fliqpy are now the anti-heroes of the Power Rangers.
  • Peter Herman as Disco Bear: This orange afro-ed bear prefers to show off his dance moves than to fight, though he will fight at times.

Villains (Muteorgs)

  • Aubrey Ankrum as the Fliqpy: The evil mastermind behind the villainous deeds. The green bear can be swuave and phsycotic all in one package. He has unlimmited magical powers, given to him by and has the ability to transform any of his animal minions into Muteorgs.
  • Adrian and Cress: The Double Edge Muteorg Adrian, the flamboyant guy who would rather smile and help people than to fight, and Cress, the complete opposite of Adrian, the evil, sarcastic guy who wants to cause chaos at every chance he gets. Although they have a lot of differences, Cres and Adrian can get along when they want to, though those moments are few and far between.
  • Ale: Fliqpy's right-hand woman, she is like Fliqpy in almost everyway, except...their names. She seems to have a crush on Fliqpy, unaware of Peirce's.
  • Peirce: A short-tempered, spiky haired procupine has his eyes on Ale and will try to show his affection at anytime. Though they usually end in disaster.
  • Lifty (temporarily): After quiting being a Power Ranger, Lifty became a Muteorg for several episodes, becoming even more nasty and hate-filled, though still having his heart intact.

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