Power Rangers Hallowed Spirits is a fan series created by Emily Becker. 


Thousands of years ago, monsters known as Wraiths ravaged the land. Five powerful monsters-a vampire, a werewolf, Frankenstein's monster, a mummy, and the Headless Horseman-sealed the Wraiths into a cage known as the Suflet. Recently, the seal on the Suflet has been broken, and the Wraiths have risen again, going into Halloween costumes to hone their powers. It's up to five teenagers to harness the powers of the monsters and reseal the Suflet.



Designation Name
Hallowed Red Kirsten Bates
Hallowed Blue Claud Paxton
Hallowed Green Sheldon LaBean
Hallowed White Niall Mumford
Hallowed Orange Blaire Jackson


  • Toby/Lemur
  • Farrah Myers
  • Calvin Lahara
  • Officer Pebbler



  • Elstai
  • Brantroke
  • Rishell
  • Lenpo
  • Chen


Flash Morpher

Crossvamp Swordbow

Werewolf Claw

Frankenstein Cannon

Tutankhamen Whip

Jack-O-Lantern Bombs


  • They are the very first Power Rangers team to have a full-time female Red Ranger.
  • Since they are Halloween-themed, their name could be a reference to Spirit, a Halloween company who partners with Saban.

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