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Power Rangers Jungle Steel logo
Power Rangers Jungle Steel
Number Animated
Number of episodes: 50-55
First episode: The Adventure Begins, Part 1
Last episode: The Final Wave, Part 2
Intro: Power Rangers Jungle Steel Theme
Adapted from: Original Series
Original airing: 2017
Producer Saban Brands
Author: MP6
Power Rangers Jungle Steel
"Jungle Access!"
Production Order
Power Rangers Morphin Steel

Power Rangers Jungle Steel is an animated crossover Power Rangers series created by MP6. The series is about five cartoon characters who fight against evil as Power Rangers Jungle Steel. It is later to be adapted into an anime Super Sentai series, Yuusou Sentai Beastranger. It shares the elements from Power Rangers Wild Force and Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger.


When the dangerous army led by Emperor Nebulus arrived, five young characters from the cartoon world were summoned by an anthropomorphic leader of one of the jungle tribes named King Leon who give them five respective animal powers, as well as elemental powers. With these powers, five new heroes come together to save the world as Power Rangers Jungle Steel.



Ranger Designation Name Series of Origin Animal/Element
Jungle Steel Red Marco Diaz Star vs. the Forces of Evil Eagle/Fire
Jungle Steel Blue Lok Lambert Huntik: Secrets & Seekers Manta Ray/Water
Jungle Steel Yellow Wendy Corduroy Gravity Falls Cheetah/Lightning
Jungle Steel Green Casey Jones TMNT Bison/Earth
Jungle Steel Pink Hay Lin W.I.T.C.H. Swan/Wind

Guardian Steel Rangers

Guardian Steel Rangers

Guardian Steel Rangers

Ranger Designation Name Series of Origin Animal/Element
Guardian Steel Lion Dipper Pines Gravity Falls Lion/Fire
Guardian Steel Bat Sid Yee Three Delivery Bat/Dark
Guardian Steel Dolphin Talia LoliRock Dolphin/Water
Guardian Steel Wolf ???? ???? Wolf/Metal
Guardian Steel Penguin ???? ???? Penguin/Ice


  • King Leon


  • Emperor Nebulus


Main article: Arsenal (Jungle Steel)

Transformation Devices


Power Weapons





  • Power Rangers Jungle Steel would be the first series created by MP6 to use cartoon characters as Power Rangers since Power Rangers Element Charge.

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