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Knights of the Realm
Number 1
Number of episodes: 32
First episode: Darkness Falls
Last episode: The Final Battle
Intro: Knights of the Realm Intro
Adapted from: None
Original airing: 2012
Author: GigaBomb
Production Order
Power Rangers Fighter Command

Power Rangers Knights of the Realm is the first fan series created by GigaBomb and follows a group of British Power Rangers as they protect their country, and the world, from the evil Bellatrix.


800 years ago the evil Sorceress known as Bellatrix summoned a great army of darkness from the Other realm. With it she wreaked havoc across the lands of the mortals, defeating and conquering anyone who tried to oppose her. With total victory within her grasp it looked as if the world would be lost to the evil Sorceress forever. Then on the eve of her final victory, a group of young Knights with extraordinary powers, and led by the legendary Knight Sir Henry, defeated her and her minions in a great battle. They sent the defeated Bellatrix and her evil forces back through a portal to the Other realm, never to return, or so they thought. Now in 2012 that evil has found a way back and Sir Henry must find a new team of Knights to protect the mortal world once again.



Color Name Actor
Red Knight Ranger Danny Campbell Aaron Taylor-Johnson
White Knight Ranger Rani Chander Anjli Mohindra
Blue Knight Ranger Lucas Reynolds Nicholas Hoult
Pink Knight Ranger Alice Marshall Georgia May Foote
Green Knight Ranger Jack Dawson Ben Hardy
Gold Excalibur Ranger Charlie Jones Darragh Mortell


  • Sir Henry - An 800 year old Knight and mentor to the new Knights of the Realm rangers.
  • Jester - Sir Henry's trusty, if somewhat annoying at times, companion.
  • Alister - The technical genius responsible for much of the Rangers upgraded arsenal.
  • Dr Zoe Smith - A University historian who finds out about the Rangers and offers her help.
  • Lady of the Lake - The mysterious woman who tasks the Rangers with finding Excalibur, and with it the Gold Excalibur Ranger.


  • Bellatrix - The evil Sorceress hell bent on taking over the mortal world.
    • Ragnar
    • Caster
    • Mortis
    • Berserker
    • General Uruk
      • Super Goblin Foot Soldiers
      • Goblin Foot Soldiers


Transformation Devices

  • Morphing Bracelet
  • Morphing Amulet

Main Weapons

  • Knights Destiny Sword
  • Knights Destiny Shield

Special Weapons

  • Red Knight Claymore
  • White Knight Quarterstaff
  • Blue Knight Battle Axe
  • Pink Knight Crossbow
  • Green Knight War Hammer
  • Excalibur

Team Weapons

  • Knights Destiny Blaster


  • Gold Templar Ultrazord
    • Gold Excalibur Zord
    • Templar Megazord
      • Red Knight Lion Zord
      • White Knight Deer Zord
      • Blue Knight Wild Boar Zord
      • Pink Knight Falcon Zord
      • Green Knight Badger Zord
  • Excalibur Megazord
    • Gold Excalibur Zord
    • Blue Knight Wild Boar Zord
    • Pink Knight Falcon Zord


  1. Darkness Falls - Part 1
  2. A New Hope - Part 2
  3. The Trouble with Goblins
  4. Past Imperfect
  5. Dark City
  6. Keep Calm and Fight On
  7. Prophecy
  8. The Lone Ranger
  9. The Magicians Apprentice
  10. Jester's Day Off
  11. Fight or Flight
  12. The Tower
  13. Underworld
  14. The Lady of the Lake
  15. As Good as Gold - Part 1
  16. As Good as Gold - Part 2
  17. Upgrades
  18. Fun at the Fair
  19. London's Burning
  20. The Warrior Prince
  21. Night of the Comet
  22. United We Stand
  23. Alice in Terrorland
  24. The Ghost in the Machine
  25. The Trickster
  26. Switched
  27. Dream Weaver
  28. Survival
  29. Red with Rage
  30. Prelude to War
  31. The Beginning of the End - Part 1
  32. The Final Battle - Part 2