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Growl-Rangers Land animals
Power Rangers Legend of the Beasts
Number ?
Number of episodes: ?
First episode: ?
Last episode: ?
Intro: Power Rangers Legend of the Beasts/Theme Song
Adapted from: ?
Original airing: ?
Author: RFyle11
Production Order
Power Rangers Legend of the Beasts is a fanfiction of the Super Sentai and Power Rangers series.


All wildlife, nature and living things on planet earth is being attacked by the forces of evil. Individual teenagers being chosen to become beast power rangers to fight against the evil and save the world.


Land Beast Rangers

Color Beast Ranger
Red Lion Leo
Blue Wolf Logan
Black Bison Irons
Yellow Tiger Tiga
White Bear Mui

Air Bird Rangers

Gold Falcon
Pink Crane

Underwater Creature Rangers

Green Shark (Spirit) 
Cyan Dolphin (Spirit) 


Land Beast Megazord

  • Lion
  • Wolf
  • Bison
  • Tiger
  • Bear

Air Force Megazord

  • Falcon
  • Crane
  • Condor
  • Eagle

Under-Water Megazord

  • Shark
  • Dolphin
  • Whale
  • Swordfish


The evil of darkness. One of the villains used one of the Animals, Pets and turned them evil to take over wildlife.

Darkness Soul


  • I do not own Super Sentai series because it belongs to Toei, Tokusatsu, Japan, Ban Dai Namco
  • I do not own the Power Rangers series because it belongs to Saban Brands


After making this as Power Rangers fan fiction I already planned making the Japanese version of the same idea: Beast Sentai Roar-Ranger. The names are mixed between English and Japanese. But this fan fiction is mix Sentai and PR story elements. 

But In South Korea every Super Sentai seasons being dubbed and change the title into "Power Rangers" I think it's a cool idea at first because Super Sentai series was made first since 1975 before Power Rangers in 1993. 

This team is inspired by Super Sentai and mix of Power Rangers series 

  • My main five colour team of Red, Blue, Black, Yellow and White are inspired by Sentai Color Schemes -Jetman, Kakurangers, Goarangers and Abarangers. 
  • My suit designs are mix of Gaorangers, Gingaman and bit of Gekiranger. 
  • My idea having 7 rangers at first is from Go-Onger - having 5 rangers as land animals and 2 extra rangers as bird-theme. Now having extra bangai rangers as underwater ceatures. 
  • My rangers got elements in their animal suits like Gingaman. 

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