Power Rangers Magic Force (Gmiester001 version)

Abbreviated as PRMF

Power Rangers Magic Force (Gmiester001 version)
Number 12
Number of episodes: 53
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Intro: Power Rangers Magic Force (Gmiester001 version)/Theme Song
Adapted from:
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Author: Gmiester001
Production Order
Power Rangers Prehistoric Force
Power Rangers Racer Force (Gmiester001 version)


In a far away place there is a magical kingdom 

Known as Everlight a peaceful kingdom but there is

another kingdom a kingdom of darkness. Now the kingdom 

Everlight has fallen to darkness and now the darkness.

Has set sights on the human world but a being from Everlight

has come to our world and chooses nine warriors to defend our

World and stop the darkness from conquering our world

They the Power Rangers Magic Force (Gmiester001 version) 

Magic Force Rangers

Ranger Designation  Characters 
White Magic Force Ranger  Alexander "Alex" Marlow. 
Red Magic Force Ranger  Chris Velazco 
Pink Magic Force Ranger  Jill Webb 
Blue Magic Force Ranger  Danny Claringe 
Black Magic Force Ranger  Jacob Keats 
Yellow Magic Force Ranger  Marny Landon
Green Magic Force Ranger  Punk Muncey 
Gray Magic Force Ranger  Andy Swailes 
Navy Magic Force Ranger  Kimmy Royal
Silver Magic Knight Ranger Zen 



Legendary Wizards 


  • Overlord
  • Gameron
  • Valkeria
  • Mercenius
  • Arogg the orc king
  • orcs


  • Ice Troll
  • Slob Goblin
  • ArachnoFear
  • NightEater


Magic Force Morphers

Magic Knight Morpher


Magic Force Ultrazord

Magic Force Megazord

  • PegasusZord
  • Phoenix Zord
  • FairyZord
  • CentaurZord
  • GarudaZord

Magic Beast Megazord

  • DragonZord
  • GolemZord
  • MermaidZord

Magic Knight Megazord

  • SpinxZord


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