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Power Rangers Ninja Clash
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Number of episodes: 50
First episode: Bring On the Ninja Clash
Last episode: The Ultimate Ninja Battle Part 1/2
Intro: Power Rangers Ninja Clash/Theme Song
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Author: Stars&Straps20
Production Order
Power Rangers Mystic Angels

Power Rangers Ninja Clash, is the first Power Rangers series in TJ's edition. It is abbreviated as PRNC.


For thousands of years, wizard Orvon battled it out with evil Master Vorg to protect the world that he terrorized for a million years. Finally, after using five ninja disks Orvon vowed never to use, he uses all the power, and defeats Vorg. After a victorious battle, Orvon seals Vorg and his ally's in a tight chamber and buries them underground. After 100 years, two curious teens dig up the chamber Master Vorg and his Ally's were in due to it making a weird noise. After getting free, Master Vorg and his crew head to space where there land is at. Finding out that Master Vorg is back, Orvon is determined to defeat him again. But after thousands of battles with him Orvon has grew weak. To help him, he has created an assistant which is half human and half robotic. His name is Robo Arty. With all his power he has left, Orvon called upon 5 non-ordinary teens to take over his spot as the World's defender and defeat Vorg. They are Zach, the red ranger and the leader of the team, Josh, the blue ranger, Matthew, the black ranger, Liz, the yellow ranger, Anne, the pink ranger, and Everett, the Maroon ranger, who is introduced later in the series. Now knowing 5teenagers are up against him in a battle for the world, Vorg does what he did with Orvon and battles them non stop until one is victorious.


Element Ranger
Sky Zachary "Zach"
Wind Liz/Hannah/Cassie
Water Josh/Mike
Earth Anne
Land Matthew/John
Thunder Everett


  • Orvon - Orvon is the leader and mentor of the Power Rangers. He also helps them through battles.
  • Robo Arty - He creates the zords the Ninja rangers use and also can give them special powers.
  • Officer Johnson - Officer Johnson is an officer for the county he lives in. He is also a good friend of the power rangers.
  • Alexander - Alexander is officer Johnson's nephew. He was sent to live with Officer Johnson because he was too much trouble.


  • Master Evernn - Master Evernn is the main villain. He came down to space when his brother, Vorg was destroyed.
  • Vorg - Vorg was a villain and Orvon's long lifetime enemy. He was destroyed in themiddle of the season by the power rangers.
  • Queen Alina - Queen Alina is Master Evernn and Vorg's sister.
  • Ormax - Ormax is a villain in training.
  • Zeedarth - Zeedarth once owned space itself but gave it to a much more evil Vorg.
  • Veeneth - Veeneth is Zeedarth's brother.


Everyone: Ninja clash power up!
Zach: Element of the sky! Red Ninja Ranger!
Everett: Element of thunder! Maroon Ninja Ranger!
Liz/Hannah: Element of the wind! Yellow Ninja Ranger!
Josh/Mike: Element of water! Blue Ninja Ranger!
Anne: Element of earth! Pink Ninja Ranger!
Matthew/John: Element of land! Black Ninja Ranger!


  • Ninja Megazord (Red, Yellow, Blue, Pink, Black)
    • Phoenix Zord
    • Eagle Zord
    • Shark Zord
    • Flamingo Zord
    • Bull Zord
  • Beetle Megazord (Maroon)
    • Beetle Zord
  • Ultimatrix Ninja Fury Megazord (Red/Maroon)
    • Lion Ninja Zord
    • Tiger Ninja Zord
    • Cheetah Ninja Zord
  • Ultra Ninja Strike Megazord (Red, Maroon, Yellow, Blue, Pink, Black)
    • Phoenix Zord
    • Eagle Zord
    • Shark Zord
    • Flamingo Zord
    • Bull Zord
    • Beetle Zord
    • Lion Zord
    • Tiger Zord
    • Cheetah Zord


  • Ninja Morpher
  • Ninja Disks
  • Mega Ninja Blaster
    • Phoenix Axe
    • Eagle Claws
    • Shark Shotgun
    • Flamingo Bow and Arrow
    • Bull Rawhide
  • Beetle Armor
  • Phoenix Sword
  • Eagle Sword
  • Shark Sword
  • Flamingo Sword
  • Bull Sword
  • Beetle Sword
  • Ultra Ninja Blaster
    • Phoenix Axe/Phoenix Sword
    • Eagle Claws/Eagle Sword
    • Shark Shotgun/Shark Sword
    • Flamingo Bow and Arrow/Flamingo Sword
    • Bull Rawhide/Bull Sword
    • Beetle Armor/Beetle Sword


Season 1

  1. Bring on the Ninja Clash
  2. Spiky Trouble
  3. Who the Heck is Who?
  4. Honey, We Shrunk!
  5. Hide and Don't Seek
  6. The Lying Fake Ex-Villain
  7. Oh No He Didn't
  8. Where Has Everybody Gone?
  9. Behold the Maroon Ranger!
  10. Extra Ranger Drama
  11. Alice the Hypnotizer
  12. 3 Versus 1 Mega One
  13. Extreme Biker Mutants
  14. Swords to the Rescue
  15. Battle for Anne
  16. Tough Times
  17. He's Bad and He Knows It
  18. Shine the Bright Light
  19. Knights and Fights
  20. He's... Bananas!
  21. Friends Forever, Part I
  22. Friends Forever, Part II
  23. First Battle With the New
  24. Trivia Trouble
  25. Roger the Boulder Maker
  26. Divided
  27. Enemies?
  28. The Song Writing Monster
  29. Drowning Water Dead Ahead
  30. Attack of the Dragon
  31. Fears Revealed
  32. The End of Vorg, part I
  33. The End of Vorg, part II
  34. Bring in Master Evernne
  35. Trapped in Space
  36. Evil Spider Minions
  37. A Sticky Problem
  38. Dreams Beware
  39. All You Can Eat
  40. Ghosts Are out There
  41. End of the Maroon Ranger? Part I
  42. End of the Maroon Ranger? Part II
  43. End of the Maroon Ranger? Part III
  44. A Fake Ranger
  45. A Too Mellow Yellow
  46. Help From the Past
  47. Mutants From the Darkside
  48. A Special Mission
  49. Talking Food?
  50. So Go and Make it Rain

Season 2

  1. Sharks on Land! Sharks on Land!
  2. Trapped in A Frame
  3. Destruction Derby
  4. Always Stand Together Part I
  5. Always Stand Together Part II
  6. No Yellow?
  7. A Very Icey Land
  8. Toxic Mass
  9. Blank Personalities
  10. No Leader Spells Trouble
  11. Am I Just Chopped Liver?
  12. Element Battles
  13. Underground Uraxxe
  14. Thunder Buddies
  15. No Sun, No Happiness
  16. Return of the Biker Mutants
  17. Ninja Armor to the rescue!
  18. Can't take the Heat?
  19. Master Ervenne wants Out Part I
  20. Master Ervenne wants Out Part II
  21. Help!
  22. No Location Needed
  23. Aye! Aye! Aye! I've Lost My Head
  24. I knew You'd Come
  25. The Wanted Rangers Part I
  26. The Wanted Rangers Part II
  27. Winning Lessons
  28. Where has Orvon Gone?
  29. We Never Surrender
  30. Red Vs. Red

Season 3

  1. New Beginnings, New Battles
  2. A Journey To Planet Lolochas
  3. Travel Back In Time, My Curious Rangers
  4. Fast as Lightning
  5. 4 Tough Battles at Once
  6. I'm in a Movie?
  7. Leave it to Us, Rangers Part I
  8. Leave it to Us, Rangers part II
  9. Leave it to Us, Rangers Part III
  10. Leave it to Us, Rangers Part IIII
  11. Fight With Honor
  12. Mixed and Matched
  13. Not Cut Out for Rangers
  14. Slippery Slope Mountain
  15. Frozen in Time
  16. Lost
  17. Attack of the Giant Hamsters
  18. Loud Noise Oh My
  19. No More Ranger Power? Part I
  20. No More Ranger Power? Part II
  21. I Got This
  22. Megazord Vacation
  23. Help From a Dinosaur Part I
  24. Help From a Dinosaur Part II
  25. Vampire Kelly
  26. Merry Christmas Ninja Rangers
  27. Resurrected
  28. Eaten Alive!
  29. I Love Sticky Mud
  30. You've Got Nothing On Me
  31. Fight Hard Part I
  32. Fight Hard Part II


  • Power Rangers Ninja Clash is based off Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Power Rangers Ninja Storm, and Power Rangers Megaforce.
  • The Maroon ranger, Everett, makes his debut in episode 9.
    • Everett is based off Hunter from Power Rangers Ninja Storm
  • There is a total of 112 episodes of this season.
  • The original name for this season was: Power Rangers: Ninja Force but it sounded to similar to Power Rangers Ninja Storm so I scrapped the idea out.
  • In the episode, Friends Forever, now that Liz, Josh, and Matthew have no more power left in them, they are replaced by Hannah, Mike, and John.

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